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Fly II Scenery Tips 1

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Fly II Scenery Tips 1This is scenery tips I have gathered designing Fly! and Fly2 scenery for years. I start with the editor and Terramodels.Tip1, the Fly2 editor crashes:With Terramodels installed, the Fly2 scenery editor crashes when you choose an object. Solution: Move the Terramodels file TM2.mlf away from Fly2Data to a temporary directory. Don`t ask me why, it works and that`s fine.Tip 2, check your pod files:For reasons I don`t know, when I choose to make a "Pod and Scf File Only", sometimes I get a incomplete or empty pod. And here`s the greatest danger: Terramodels sometimes add all the Bibermodels into the response file, and you get a double set of his models. This is not a TM bug, I think it has to do with how you choose the models inside TM. The models are already present in Biberall.pod in Fly IISceneryShared, so there is absolutely no need to have them in your own pod at the same time. I see to many pods in the library with these faults, one of mine as well...The intention with Biberall.pod in Fly2Shared was to avoid big podfiles. Your models pod should ONLY contain the Terramodels made buildings and, eventually custom models. The rest of the models listed in your scenery.Sxx files are loaded directly from Generic.pod, Biberall.pod and TM21_256.pod in the Fly2Shared folder. My "safe method" is this: First make the response file, leave Terramodels and check/edit the response file manually in Notepad, then get back into TM and package your scenery.I may have found a solution to the problem with the extra entries: In Terramodels, if I strictly stick to choosing Biberall.mlf when placing his models, they are NOT added in the response file, which is correct. Anyhow, my rule is:Always edit/check the TM-made response file in Notepad before podding. Take away all entries for Biberall (Not in the Scenery.Sxx files, but all the Biberall TIF`s and SMF entries if they are present).Thanks to Allen Kriesman, who confirmed on these tips.Some tips about placing models:Tip 3, how to clean up your mess:Fences in Terramodels can be troublesome too. It is easy to click wrong when you place them, and sometimes you get a model you don`t see but it is there. Leave TM and go to Fly2DataD00xxxx. Open the TM_Sxx_I.S11 file. This file has all the fences. Now you can delete them, and make a note of the models you want to remove from your Fly IIModels folder. (Good housekeeping is always important). Or just delete the whole file and start a new one.Tip 4, how to get perfectly aligned models:You all know that using TM for placing models is a flash. But not all of them are perfectly aligned. Then you fire up the Fly2 editor and use it for fine-adjustment. The problem is combining TM and the Editor is nothing but a nightmare! Sometimes all the models start to blink, models are offset, you can loose the whole thing. You can destroy the scenery.Sxx files. And if you not loose it, models you adjusted in the editor are offset when you pod it all with TM. Or other models are offset.My conclusion is: Don`t give the Fly2 editor a chance to touch your other scenery files! IF you must use the Fly Editor, bring in ONLY the models to be adjusted.An example with fences:In TM, draw in all your fences.Save the project and leave TM. Go to Fly2DataD00xxxx.Move all the scenery files EXCEPT the TM_xxx_I.S11 to a temporary directory.Start Fly2. Fire up the editor with CTRL-E.Go to your airport. Now you`ll see ONLY the fences. Use the editor to adjust them the way you want. Important: Remember to save for each model.Leave Fly2 and get back into TM and check your fences. Leave TM again, don`t save.Bring the files in your temporary directory back to Fly2DataD00xxxx.Fire up TM, do a new check on the complete scenery, save, make a response file, then pod it!In the Avsim forums, I have also noticed an interesting tip: Right-click the Scenery.Sxx files you don`t want to be changed by the editor, and set the properties to read-only. I haven`t tried this yet. Resizing and repainting a model:Tip 5, how to resize a model:Start Fly2 while holding down CTRL. Choose "Shape Editor". Press "1" to load the model. Press "S" to resize. Use "Zoom Uniform" for the axis you choose. You can also choose "Non-Uniform" and adjust one of the axes only. Remember to save your model after resizing it.Tip 6, how to resize a generic model:In order to change a generic model, you first need to un-pod it with Podview into Fly2Art and Models. Then you must rename both the TIF and SMF. If you don`t, the generic model in the generic.pod will override it. After renaming, open the SMF file with notepad and change the TIF name to the new name. Remember the text inside the SMF file is case-sensitive, and that there may be more than one TIF entry in the file.Tip 7, repainting a model:Open the TIF with your paint program. Remember to work with Indexed colour. Change whatever you want and save as Indexed. Tip: The hue/saturation tool is a great way to change the colours. Cut & paste works fine for changing bigger areas.Good luck!7.6.2003

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