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A340 (and A330?) landing reference speeds table

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Dear All,After having searched wide and far for landing reference speed tables for the A340 and A330, I still have not been able to find any (even in the real world FCOM). But since I have used landing speeds calculated from the A340-300 FCOM stall speed graph for quite some time with good results, I decided to make the attached table for my own reference. I upload it here, in case anyone else has any use for it. table contains VREF speeds calculated as VREF = 1.23 * VS1G for the A340-300, but since they share the same wing, I also use them for the A340-200 and A330-200/300 with excellent results. Using these speeds, rather than the ones provided by the FMGC, makes the aircraft fly the approach with the correct pitch attitude, without the need to tinker with the flight dynamics (editing flaps lift scalars etc).As opposed to the VLS used as final landing reference speed in normal operations, VREF is not limited by VMCL or VMCL-2 (used on the A340 with two engines out on the same side), so these limitations should be applied to the table speeds. The speeds I know of are (all for C4 engines; C2/C3 engines would be 4 knots slower):A340-200 VMCL = 128 ktA340-300 VMCL = 125 ktA340-200 VMCL-2 = 161 ktA340-300 VMCL-2 = 157 ktIf anyone can provide VMCL's for the A330's I'd be much grateful!Of course, if anyone could provide the actual real-life VREF tables, I'd be even happier ... It is my understanding such tables are included in the QRH for use in some abnormal procedures.All the best,/Bj

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