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Guys,First, I'd like to point out that your text:airbus a340 searches for the phrase "airbus a340"is not correct.If you search with these keywords, the search comes up with files that do not contain airbus a340 as a phrase.The search treats airbus and a340 as two separte keywords.Try it yourselves, and see that for example the file comes up, which does not contain this phrase anywhere in the title or description. But it does contain the words airbus and a340 in separate locations.Now, I need to ask some questions regarding the search logic because I often come up with strange results:1) When one enters two or more keywords in a search field, are they treated with the "AND" or with the "OR" logic? Can this be set by the user? This is a very important feature, in my opinion.2) Can we search for a phrase instead of a word? If affirmative, do we enter the phrase inside quotes? Otherwise how will the software understand it is a phrase and not as a series of keywords?3) Why when I typed in the "Name and/or Description" field the keywords "FFX 737-300" (without the quotes) does it comes up with 0 (zero) finds? There are numerous 737-300's by FFX in the Library.Best RegardsStamatis

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