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A340 speed control

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Hi,I have the following problem with the A340-300 but I think it's a general problem of understanding the Busses:I wan't to hand fly SID's/STAR's but use autothrust for speed control. It works perfectly fine in the arrival phase. If I select a speed and disengage the autopilot afterwards, autothrottle will hold the selected speed unless I pull the throttle lever back to idle. But if I take off with FLEX or TOGA setting the autothrottle commands full throttle, even if I reduce to CL the aircraft climbs with max N1 setting. The only way I found to avoid overshooting the desired speed is to engage the autopilot. But this results in full managed vertical and lateral navigation. And the only thing I wanted was to hold a selected speed :-( Any hints are appreciated.Thanks, Tom.

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