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Problem with landing weight and landing speed!!!!!!

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I have discovered a flaw in the mcdu that makes that has to do with landing weight and landing speeds. When you first insert you fuel and ZFW, you get an accurate TW and and accurate LW. However, as soon as you start flying, the landing weight starts to increase. Let me explain. If you look at the trip/time section on the INT page in the MCDU you see how much fuel you will need to complete the flight. As soon as you start your flight and get closer to your destination, the value or the amount of fuel in the trip/time section decreases and gets added on to the landing weight. Here is an example, your landing weight in an a319 is 54.1 tonnes (at the begining of the flight when you have not started flying). The trip fuel is 2.3 tonnes as shown in the trip/time section. As soon as you start flying and the amount of fuel needed to reach your destination (in the trip/time section) goes down by, lets say 1 ton, that one ton of fuel is added on to your landing weight so in the end your landing weight is the same as your takeoff weight. This is a major problem and I tried to include pictures but I could not get them to upload. Anyway it went like this on a flight with an a319. Before engine start, My landing weight was 54.1 and trip/time fuel was 2.3. 3 minutes after takeoff landing weight had increased to 54.5 while fuel in trip/time was 1.9. Every time the fuel went down in the trip/time section the landing weight increased. The trend continued like so; 1.8...54.6, 1.7...54.7, 1.6...54.8, 1.5...54.9 until I landed and landing weight and takeoff weight were the same. What is going on!!!!!!!!!

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