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Visual Circuit pattern A320

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Following is the extract of visual pattern for A320 from A320 FCOMApproach at 1500ft AGLOn Downwind abeam the PERF key.....Activate Approach Phase in FMGS.....Select GoRound Altitude.....Select Autobrakes to MIN , MED or MAXSpeed will come to GREEN DOT....Select Flaps 1 and Select speed SABEAM the landing Dumbell(If you have the NUM LOck ON pressing momentarily the NUM4 button or NUM6 button will let you peek to left or right to assess when you are abeam).......Start timer.......Fly for 45 seconds (Wind correction apply 2 sec for every 2kt head/tail wind)TURN BASE...Select RWY heading...Select flap 2 Select speed F+20...Lower attitude to get 500ft/min Rate of DescentWhen Flaps are 2...landing Gear Down...ARM SpoilersWhen three Landing Gear greens,...Select Flaps 3 Select Speed FIntercepting Extended Rwy centerline on final approach,...Select Flaps Full Select VappShould be settled down and stabilised by 500ft AGL...If Stabilised...on retard call out flare by just a fractional increase of pitch and retard the Thrust lever to IDLE gate(Remember NUMPAD +/- advances/retracts throttle to sucessive gates)...Check spoilers deployed...After Nose gear down, Apply Reversers using the NUMPAD - key again till 60 knots then NUMPAD+ to get the Thrust Levers to Idle Gate.If Not stabilised at 500ft or anytime you wish to goround...SET TOGA Goround Thrust(Numpad +)...Rotate to 15* pitch...retract 1 notch of flapsPositive Climb established...Gear UpCleaning up the plane to Flap 1, Climbing turn to 1500ft downwind.Note:- For visual circuit I leave the AutoThrust on in Managed speed mode and keep the FD off and fly the plane with the PFD raw data for pitch and bank attitude.As you keep lowering the flaps for the circuit pattern , the autothrust takes care of maintenance of speed to the selected speeds and we just do a regular pattern. Do it only if you are fully aware of the AUTOTHRUST SYSTEMCAPTBALA

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