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Guest sk3298

problem staying on the glideslope (A321)

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Guest sk3298

HelloIm having a slight problem staying on the GS during dual autolands in the A321 (both in the ifdg+pss and the standard pss).I intercept the localizer and glideslope without any problems at all, and the aircraft stays stabilized even in crosswind, both horizontal and vertically.But during the final phase of the approach, at around 1000ft or so, the aircraft is getting more and more instable, going up and down the glideslope, like a rollercoster. We are not talking big differences here, maybe +/- one dot tops, but its enough to litterly screw up the landing. You either come in too hard or too soft depending on if you are above or below the GS during the flare.Its like if the AP is "slow", like it cant keep up with the glideslope.Ive been running several test flights at different airports and with different weight and fuel setups, the result is all the same. I made up this diagram to illustrate the problem. The blue line is the glideslope and the red line is the path of the aircraft.As you can see its perfectly stable at the beginning but as you descent the aircraft gets more and more unstable.pss_prob.jpgIn the box at the top are the two possible landings that the aircraft will do, either a hard one (orange line) which sometimes results in a crash, and a soft one (red line) where you will "float" over the runway causing a "late" touchdown. Ofcourse sometimes you will end up somewhere between these lines resulting in a perfectly normal landing.Some may say I should take her down manually instead. Well.. I do that quite often. But the autoland is one of the key features of the Airbus, I want to be able to use it even if I dont have to.If I show up at EGLL a foggy day where the vis is low I want to be able to perform a proper autoland, without risking to crash!Is there any value(s), in the aircraft.cfg or somewhere else, that could be changed to perhaps make the AP respond more quickly or something like that. Ive seen numerous posts about changing the lift scale... I havent tried it yet but perhaps it helps. Other than this slight problem the aircraft is flying like a dream.Thanks./Robert

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