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Ken Pryor

What is happening to this hobby!

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Guest Liam

Hi all,Maybe this is just me, from talking to a cross section of the simming community however I believe it is not. I appologise ahead if this post causes offence, so here we go.Simming has been one of my key hobbies for a number of years, and as such I have built up a large network of friends and flown for a variety of virtual airlines.Now is it just me, or is something happening to the good old virtual airline. Browsing around the various sites, it appears that the majority of virtual airlines are riding on the back of the CEO and managements egos. One for instance, a bigger VA in this community now seems to have a "not allowed to express your own opinion" policy in order. I know of four extremely dedicated and experienced simmers who have been kicked out of said VA for having an opinion. Now none of these opinions were using foul language, putting down the VA or its staff. It now seems VAs are all out for numbers. They want the best gimmicks, they all state somewhere on their sites they are the biggest, best, greatest etc etc etc it just goes on and on.Why can simming not go back to the way it was. When virtual airlines worked together, toward a common goal, the hobby. When did someone say hey we are going to create all out war!I know of incidences of people who have purposely gone out of the way to put down those who put effort into starting virtual airlines, who spend their time surfing the forums shouting from a high this can not or should not be done.Are there any gentleman simmers left, are we all left to the ego boostd few who want the hundreds of pilots on their rosters to continue to tell them how great they are.......sadly it would appear this to be the case.Now.......no lets leave the subject of developers out of this one :-)Have fun one and allLiam

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I know the point of your message wasn't to ask for advertisements, but you'd be hard pressed to find a closer group of friends in the VA world than Altair Virtual. I've been a member for just a few months now and have found it's very much a family type atmosphere. We aren't out to compete with anyone, we just have fun. We have some rules, but they are designed to make the experience great for everyone. It isn't our goal to recruit for the sake of inflating numbers of pilots and hours. Quite the opposite actually.I've never seen a more helpful and fun group. I guess my point is, VA's that are just plain fun still exist, you just have to look around for them sometimes. By the way, if you're ever looking for one to join, we'd be glad to have you and welcome any input you might have towards making it better for us all.KP

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