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Hello All... and primarily PSS.First off I wanted to say that I think this product is visually stunning. I love the addition of the WXR RDR, great stuff... also the ability to change the size of the instruments.... great. Of course I have a few comments and suggestions for updates which is why I am writing this post. The technical suggestions will be in part two.... (at this time I have to be honest and say that I have not tested the a/c after loading the default.... I will do that tomorrow and remove any comments which are then fixed) part one will be requests.Part One:First off I wanted to put it out there to see if anyone knows how to get the Aerosoft MCP working in this aircraft??? If so please post here. Secondly there are two items which I would like to have more control over. Different airlines will set up both of these differently and hence your setup does not meet my requirements. 1: the GPWS and the rad alt calls on approach. Is there anyway which we can modify these to include some calls and not others.... or more specifically in relation to this a/c for me.... add some calls. 2: The electronic checklist..... is there anyway in which we can modify the checklist to match what I want... again different airlines have different checklist items and I would like to be able to use it but it is "negative training" if I cant modify it to match what I use. Also, I forgot initially.... the aircraft seems to need alot of power to move when taxiing. Normally (from my experience) a very small amount of thrust is required to start the taxi, when light none at all is required unless you wish to hurry a bit... otherwise about a two line width of thrust will move the aircraft followed by idle for most of the rest of the taxi.Part Two: (This is primarily for PSS and is not meant to be a slag... just highlighting points which could use updating... not that you need the work I am sure)(I will be retesting the aircraft to see if I can fix some of these with the default loading but, I am not holding my breath, except for the ILS)- Before this flight and these comments I have loaded the Cessna a/c and then reloaded the 777. These are added in no particular order, somewhat chronological as taken during a flight RJFF-RKSI.- FMC has double boxes for items such as reserves, departure and arrival airports, etc etc... one single box is the norm in the a/c- EICAS messages before engine start are incorrect. (There should only be five) Also related to this is the EICAS alert sound going off while configuring the overhead panel before start or after shutdown.... and the auto switching of items after engine start.... there are no sounds during this stage of flight.... with the FCS in cutoff all warning sounds are muted with the exception of like cargo fire....-TCAS should be automatically in TA ONLY on the ground. This is automatic and the TCAS is normally left in TA/RA, selecting this on the ground in the PSS a/c results in the indication of TFC on the ground when it should be TFC with TA ONLY underneath it as it shows when selected to TA ONLY on the unit. This auto change occurs at 1000ft on the approach and departure. TA's function at 500ft but the TA ONLY and inhibit of RA's occur at 1000ft.-FMC speed anomalies.... CLB page, showing .826 as active while the PFD is showing 301kts. Altitude would require the normal econ speed of 301 here but the .826 is in the magenta on the FMC. Also with this in the cruise before TOD the FMC descent page is showing 277 as active (magenta) but it is not in the descent mode so they should both be white until it enters the descent and then uses one for the initial part which should be the mach here initially.... basically the FMC magenta is indicating what is active.... what the computer is commanding for the aircraft so you know as a pilot exactly what is going on...- before loading the cessna when engaging the a/p the aircraft would pitch down aggressively.... after it was ok.- TOD was showing on the progress page but not on the VNAV page.... normally comes onto VNAV at about 320NM before TOD, removes climb recommendation and puts it there.- No ILS showing on the PFD for any approaches I have done yet even with a manual tuning.... automatic selection from an arrival has left the ILS in park.... I loaded it at 20NM but it still did not show on the PFD or on the ND APP setting...- LNAV direct was selected to the second waypoint on the arrival and the VNAV started an uncommanded descent.... MCP alt had not changed... this was reset by selecting a different altitude, but it occurred again where an uncommanded descent was accomplished...... ???- On the ND the VNAV profile view and the altitude from the vnav profile.... the numbers should be white not magenta.....- FLCH should go into HOLD after setting its initial thrust in a descent... in most cases it will first command IDLE not THR and then will engage HOLD... this is done so that the pilot can adjust the rate of descent with the thrust levers manually while still having the auto throttles engaged....- VNAV PTH is showing while the aircraft is in the initial stages of descent while the spd window is open..... (25000ft), VNAV does not go into approach mode until flaps are initially selected and a few other criteria are met.... in this case it should be VNAV SPD and the thrust should initially go to idle then hold working the same as FLCH.- I have not had any ATC communications work with this aircraft, I have not been able to get any atis's or talk with any tower.....- and lastly there is no memo message for speedbrake armed.....Again I am sorry for the long post it is not meant to be a slag but I have spent my 40 pounds and am a little bit disappointed that I am going to have to continue to use the LD767..... though I fly the 777. I think that this could be an exceptional product with a few continued enhancements.... currently though, flying it for me would be negative training and that makes it an aircraft which will go back into the hanger for some time, along with the PDMG 744.CheersRon

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