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Hi,Just finished my first flight with the officially released 777 (I preordered the 772LR and 773ER with a couple of liveries). It went perfectly...- loaded FS with the default Cessna, turned ON the battery and Avionics. Changed to PSS B777-200LR, dragged some panels to my secondary monitor, cleared all weather. Adjusted yoke, throttle and rudder peddals as recommended saved the flight as default and exited FS. Saved the config file as FS9B777.cfg, made a copy of FSUIPC.ini and .key to be used just with the triple 7 and this config file.- No liveries what? I painted my own, added it to the stable. Downloaded another from User Edits, just for kicks. - No Fuel planner? Download here: file name for the 773ER and file name for the 772LR.- How to get CG? Easy, the Excel spreadsheet included with the base package has all info I need. - Fire up FS2004, using Ken Salter's Autostart with the newly created config file. FS comes up with my newly created default flight, 777 already selected. Everything WORKS Too! Radios, ILS and such...- On the secondary comp fire up ASV, Radar Contact 3, AiSmooth, FS Flight Keeper- Go through checklists (another download, mentioned here on the forum, quite an extensive checklist it is), enter FP into the FMC, chat with the ATC, fire up them engines and off we go. I never fly big iron in VC. Guess what? Now I do! For some reason, the 777's VC is perfectly flyable, FPS are great after some tweaking, recommended by PSS. Night lighting works in VC, by te way. All the lights, including Landing and taxi lights work and are visible from the VC.- time passes, I catch myself enjoying!- Approach to LIRF, heavy traffic all around, I manage to get queued for landing and down we go. In VC! My, am I really landing a 777 in VC?? Yup... and it is great, too. Minimums! I can see a brilliant stab of light from my landing lights touching the runway, time to flare... Touch down a tad heavy, but hey, I'm learning!- Taxi to T10, watch the gates moving to the doors. Connect ground power, ground air, engines off... Open the doors, shut down the 777 and the flight is finished.Did I enjoy myself? Yup, tremendously! Is the 777 perfect? Nah, but darn close! Do I need to go into hysterics over some delayed thingies like liveries? Nah...Do I need to shout on the forum how the leftmost screw on the glareshield just below the left wiper looks too small? Nah...Will there be a patch to correct things that are deemed not right? Yeah, very likely. Do those things deemed not right prevent me from flying the 777 more or less correctly (hey, I'm just a virtual Captain anyway)? Absolutely not!Just a bit of patience and preparations (RTFM!) and I had a great flight. I enjoy the 777 indeed!Thank you PSS!Regards,Jure Dolanec

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