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Trouble on ILS

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Like Ernest mentioned in his post, the aircraft seems to be in a snake pattern when on the localizer. Not much deviation to the left and right, but enough to sense and notice. It tracked the glide slope beautifully. The snaking motion began when I intercepted the localizer at 12 miles out and continued all the way down. My flaps were extended on schedule, with Vref being 146 kias. When the aircraft flared for touchdown it yawed hard left (not stalling). I crossed the threshold at Vref and full flaps.I do want to mention that for the most part this plane handled beautifully. It is a large plane in real life, which carries the inertia penalties associated with a large aircraft. It responded exactly as I would expect. You modeled that wonderfully. The panel is top rate. The functionality is as advertised. The artwork is not all that great on external views (there are light blue seams all over the fuselage in the Delta repaint, like someone glued rectangles of metal with a blue glue). But I didn't buy it for external viewing anyway. The tutorial was pretty well written, making it easy to modify for flights I wanted to fly.All in all I really love the plane. Yes, there are some bugs for you to fix. I am confidant that you will get those fixed and release a service pack in short order. Good job!!

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