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If you read nothing else, please read this!02 April 2006 - 777 Patch. I dare not say it! I have the files and currently writing the installer for testers. Assuming I dont break things those in the USA may get a late weekend present. Comment from one of the testers:Had a couple of flights last night and everything went smoothly in terms of FDE's. Was very stable at both high and low speeds. Felt very 'wallowy' on approach and felt big and heavy. Similarly I am not sure if this has changed but the spool rate seems a lot more realistic. No more getting low and wacking on a load of power - you have to manage the approach! (Guess thats why Norman is such an active tester of the EGPWS!!). In an effort to tidy away the sticky posts I have merged a few topics.They are:* Forum Guidelines * Known Issues* Bugs v Features * Tutorial Flight * Wx Radar FAQ * Default FlightForum Guidelines* As a common courtesy to other, please sign your messages. We are part of a community and names make things much easier and more friendly.* Be courteous and respectful. Nobody likes a flame war. Such posts will be deleted.* Lets keep things related to PSS products. There are many other general chat forums out there.* Please use the SEARCH function. You would be suprised at how many times the same questions are asked.* Please use the correct product forum - Concorde, Airbus, Dash 8, Boeing, Other.* Knocking of other developers works or comparison threads will be deleted.* Do not post a new issue in an existing topic. Please start a new thread.==============================================Known Issues -Oscillation at cruiserelated to,I have found that the -300 is very stable if you keep the CG forward of about 18%.With the default load, I moved the cargo in bay 4 up and added it to bay a CG of around 15.8% with full fuel if I remember. The CG will shift aft as fuel is burned off, but in this case not past around 18%. It's rock stable in that configuration at acceleration at least up to 8x..Bob ScottContact points--------------Here's a temporary fix: Reduce the static_cg_height to 16.56 and make the following changes to the gear points in the contact_points section:point.0 = 1, 85.437, 0, -17.300, 1181.1, 0, 4.521, 65, 1, 2.5, 0.7235, 13, 14, 0, 270, 270point.1 = 1, -6.76, -20, -17.705, 1574.8, 1, 4.521, 8, 0.91, 2.5, 0.747, 13, 14, 2, 270, 270point.4 = 1, -6.76, 20, -17.705, 1574.8, 2, 4.521, 8, 0.91, 2.5, 0.747, 12.9, 13.9, 3, 270, 270It looks good at all weights on the ground...have not extensively tested it for proper gear animation at liftoff or touchdown, so there could be issues there. Let me know how it works...Bob ScottSAVE-----continuing with a saved flight does not work properly, the legs page is blank-ADIRU pref is not saving-nothing from Setup panel is savedCDU----ETA calculations can sometimes show incorrect estimates, seems related to step climb-sometimes the Approach ref page does not show the arrival airport, runway info, -importing FS plans locks if too many saved plans in folder-overflying arrival airport clears route before landing-selecting same origin and dest draws ghost lines on ND display-some report probs with Cost Index entry, see this thread report probs with antering alt restrictions during descent disconnect message will not remove for back to back flights-if TOGA is not used on takeoff, with A/T armed switch on, if you select A/T button, it should command SPD on the PFD screenHowever, it is commanding THR REF instead-selecting TOGA for go around has no effect-vnav flap problem upper EICAS

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