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Guest _Christopher_

Localizor Capture Issue FIX . . .

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Guest Knikolaes

Okay ladies and gentleman -- this has already been stated by numerous individuals in threads, but decided to post here under the subject to catch the attention of the search feature for those who desire to know this . . . I was having the same localizor stability issues as most of you appear to be having. I was convinced it was framerates as I had stable landings at default/low traffic airports and terrible landings at high traffic custom ones such as Simflyers and Flytampa.AT someone's recommendation I turned the GENERAL slider under realism settings DOW to between 25 and 50 percent.This fixed the issue.If you are having localizor capture issues and have your realism settings maxed, go ahead and leave them maxed BUT turn the GENERAL setting down to 50 percent or less and you will have beautiful CATIII landings.I just did a perfect CATIII at KDEN with MegaCity Denver and Imaginesim KDEN up, with Ultimate Terrain surrounding, and all AI traffic at 100 percent. My realism sliders are all mexed and for this try I turned GENERAL down to 50 percent.The ONLY part that went wrong with this landing was Reversers. My plane DOES go to idle on autoland, BUT as long as the AT is armed, I can NOT reverse. I have to manually disarm AT for reversers to work. I'll post about that elsewhere, but for purposes of this thread, I would try the settings for LOC capture and see if this works for you :-)By the way -- I tested otyher AC I usually fly -- turning that GENERAL slider down had no noticable affect on any hand flying of AC -- just the autopilots which seemed more stable.Hope this helps, all.<> To add: PSS you may want to sticky this if you are getting lots of emails on LOC Capture.

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