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Findings after first longhaul

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Firstly, it was fantastic making it from KPAE to OMDB over the pole without a CTD, 14hrs in real time later, it was my longest flight yet, however, it also utilised a record number of sick bags. OscillationsIt oscillated all the way and got really worse as it got lighter. I read in the sticky about moving cargo from 4 to 1, are you doing this manually using the fltsim load manager?? coz i cant find this facility in the PSS load manager. Aslo, if you use the fs load manager how do you get your new cg figure, do you use the exel sheet provided?? On leaving KPAE my cg was 17% and trim was 8.5, i had about 89% fuel and only 9 people on board, and as i said, initial oscillations weren't that bad, but got progressivly worse.CDUWhile programming it on the ground, the cdu started freezing, ie you could not change pages. if you clicked say from vnav pg1 to vnav pg2 it would not change. But if you closed the cdu and opened it again it would display the page you tried to select earlier. Once in flight though, there were no issues of the sort.When entering the route, i used the loader from fs feature, once the route was in, it was 8 pages long. I then saved it as a PSS co flight. I then, out of curiosity, deleted the rte, and re-entered it using co-rte, it entered the dep and dest point, but there were no points in between, ie. no 8 pages of legs. So i went back to loading it from the fs loader option.Yes, i saw the FMC arrival estimates were all over the place, up to 12 hours out at times and that was when i only had 2.5 hrs to go.The fuel estimates however were accurate all the way.From there on, everything went realtively fine exept for when nearing the pole, the aircraft was flying 480kts sideways, that was odd to see, but i guess thats a FS world issue not an aircraft issue.I went to bed after switching of the center fuel pumps.The approach and landing went quite well if not for the bouncing around. I set the general realism below 50 on the slider and there was a bit of instability on the localiser but nothing serious. It auto landed fine but on the landing roll i disc the AT so i could use the reversers. Can you tell me which action sets the autobrakes to disarm???Taxiing to the gate is where the wierd stuff started happening with the flight ctl surfaces. while taxiing in a spot view i noticed the elevators were full up. the trim was set to max 15 and i couldn't get it down, i did eventually get it to 8 but as soon as i released my joystick trim button it ran away to 15 again. The spoilers also acted wierd, the extended when i used rudder for groung steering as if i was using ailerons. When i stopped in the bay, set park brakes and shutdown, the rh spoiler was still extended.Anyway, thanks for readingJason

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