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Four little issues

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First of all I must say the new FDE is very good, the aircraft is quite flyable now. I just have a few minor tweaks I wanted to ask about (they don't make the aircraft unusable, just tiny annoyances). Excuse me if they have been brought up before and I didn't find them.1) While in VNAV, if I decide to change the speed by hitting the dial beneath the SPD/MACH window, and set it to say .84 Mach, it has a tendency to change from MACH to IAS on its own with any minor altitude change (such as the ones caused by FS2004, when crossing into scenery 'tiles'). If you try a climb at .84, it will change at some point to IAS and you will encounter an overspeed situation as you climb higher. The fix for this of course is to set your speed in the FMC VNAV page, but this still shouldn't be happening, should it?2) The autopilot handles climb and descent very well with an accelerated simulation speed (4x, and even 8x) but doesn't do so well laterally. The autopilot does not speed up its rate of bank to match the accelerated sim speed. This would be nice.3) Often I find the FLAP retraction speeds to be in the red tape as I accelerate after take-off. I'll get to flap retract 15, then as I go Flap retract 5 on the tape, I'll notice it

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