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Introspective reflection... a must

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Well, now it is done. I have the B757 in my hands. So, I think it is time to think about how things have gone...At first, please, excuse my poor english, and let me say that I have been waiting this release saying no word at all, in spite of many things and many posts I have read here. Being confident about the work of PSS people, it is simply a matter of respect. And I say that because, in my opinion, and talking about FS2004, PSS has done the best work in the industrie. I own all airbus aircraft, and also the Dash-8. Simply very well done, boys.Then, regarding a business, there is a lot of different points of view, or aspects, if you prefer, concerning a product. You can see it from:1. A technical view, I mean: is it a good aircraft?2. A commercial view: is it a good product?3. An economical point of view: Seeing what you get is it a reasonable price?4. Customer support view: How is support given by this company?5. Distribution point of view: How the aircraft reaches the customers?6. Marketing policies point of view: How is the plane introduced to simmers (potential buyers)?Well, absolutely,I can give no lessons about it, but I can tell you how my experience has been. To make a long story short, Points 1 (well, a little issue with frames rate), 2, 3 and 4 can't be better. It is a good aircraft, also a very good product, the pricing policy can't be beated, all problems I had in the past were solved by PSS people, and I know they always do their best...But now, and remember it is only a reflection, consider last two points. The marketing involving B757, in my opinion was not good. I am sure that the willing of PSS to launch another wonderful aircraft, has leaded the company to offer a pre-sale option that didn't work as expected for us, the customers. I know that such policy can be a good input for PSS about success of the project, but it has generated many expectations in us, knowing that the only advantage we get is that we can download the product one or two days before rest of the people. Think twice. Lots of posts in this forum, accurate or not, right or not, can't be ignored for the future.From this side of the screen, time went by so slowly [©Madonna ;-)], waiting for a release date that seemed that never came, until mid august. Expectation was growing and growing, so at first glance, the aircraft could seem worse that in fact it is, only because we had a lot of time to imagine... And finally, when the day is come, and we tried to download it, anxiously, to see that it needed more than 8 hours to get it, involving a lot of download errors, and a problem about updating configs, due only to the great success of the B757 and the long pre-sale period (the more time, the more people having the opportunity to purchase it): Consider bandwidth available... I know first day downloading generates only a bandwidth peak... but remember, it is the only advantage we have!Well, I think that we have deserved a few words from PSS, for our inconditional support (showed along all this time) and to let us know that all of us have learned the lesson about what's not a good marketing policy. Again, think twice... Success can kill you ;-)And I don't want it. PSS has demonstrated, along last two years, to be a serious company, and their products are, far, better than the rest. And my only intention telling you all this stuff, guys, is I would like things will remain the same for a long, long time.Sorry for such a long text, and I hope this could help.Thanks for your B-757 (I must confess I didn't sleep last night flying it).Luis AltamuroIBERIA Virtual CEOIBE1133

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