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Jerkiness when using the 757, please help

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Hi all,First off I just want to state that I have the most recent gauge and I have a core 2 duo E6600 with a GeForce 7600GT, 2 Gigs of DDR Ram and a 250 Gig SATA HD. My problem is not low frames, but jumping crazy frames, no matter what view I'm in. Though like I've said previously I'm not a programmer, but someone did once mention that this is a symptom of what's called a "memory leak." Has anyone else experienced this? To specify my problem more clearly, my frames go from like 60 to like 23 then to 6 then to 50 and so on and stuff. What this does is it causes a "jerky" motion in the sim, like rolling down the runway the motion is jerky, I really don't know how better to describe it. What could be the culprit? I don't want to blame the 757, but my PSS 777 runs like a dream, as well as my 747 and 767 from other developers. Maybe this is a 3d setting issue or something else causing this, drivers maybe? (I've tried both the 91.47 nvidia drivers as well as the previous drivers from nvidia, getting same results) I should say that the rest of my addons have a very solid FPS, which don't fluctuate greater than 5-10 FPS. Hopefully someone can help, because I really like this plane.Thanks,Jeff

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