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My Issues With 757. Things to Be Addressed...

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Hey People, I figured it was about time that I posted the list of issues that I have with the 757. Keep in mind that I have been having a wonderful time flying this bird. There are random times I deactivate the A/P just to hand fly her...really a dream to hand fly. And, I always deactivate the A/P at the FAF and manually fly down to the runway, weather permitting. I can only think of one other add-on where manual flight (even with CH equipment) is this stable. This list of issues is in addition to, or sometimes a duplicate of, issues other people are having. Here goes:1) Center tank quantity displays .0 when empty or less than 1000 lbs. For example: .3 instead of 0.3 or 0.0. I'm pretty sure a zero should precede the decimal point when less than 1000 lbs. 2) When APU is off and battery is on, closing the shield cover on the battery causes the DISCH light to extinguish. Shouldn't this light stay on until the battery is no longer providing juice for the APU starter, standby lighting, etc?3) MMO - Way too close to cruise speed. Sudden wind shifts (stupid MS upper level winds, even with reg. FSUIPC) and the aircraft is over max speed generating alerts, and in one case, overstressing the A/C, ending what was a nice smooth ride across the Atlantic. I was quite perterbed, as one could imagine. 4) ILS issues - capture fron 8) Descent rates with VNAV or FLCH - Been exhaustively discussed in other posts. Just want to confirm I am having very high descent rates in FLCH and in VNAV. In VNAV, however, when passing a waypoint, target descent path shifts wildly. Again, this has been been discussed in other posts. 9) Fuel Pumps - Don't really seem to do anything. When center tank is below 1.4 klbs, I switch off the center pumps. However, the center tank continues to deplete until empty. Is this right? I know the 747-400 has "scavenge pumps" but that fuel system is very complex. Also, there was one time I forgot to turn the fuel pumps on until after engine start and there was no effect. No engine start problems. I find this quite interesting.10) Sounds - Again, already been discussed exhaustively. The RR sounds are really poor. I hear the looping and even sometimes they "tick" every two or three seconds as the loop starts over (ticking is heard with RR and PW engines). Maybe that's my soundcard, but I doubt it. I like the HP compressor sound on the the PW's and the "buzzsaw" of the RR's but the sounds overall are very generic. The PW's do sound very familiar though (777?). And, I am a VERY STRONG supporter of SOME sound in the cockpit before enigne start. Packs, standby instruments, APU, etc...11) FMC DSPLY light - Comes on at random times. For example, when viewing a page other than the active page in the RTE or LEGS page, DSPLY lights up. Is this supposed to be like this? I thought DSPLY was only for problem conditions.12) Finally...Switch .bmp's - It is very obvious that the switches on the MCP are just upside down - right side up types. The shadow clearly reverses itself when switching on the FD or A/T as if the .bmp is just being turned. Now, if this was buried in the overhead somewhere, I really wouldn't care too much. But right on the MCP? Come on...Also, there are some little gaps in other switches. Especially on overhead. The lines that surround the pushbutton type switches aren't always lined up properly. Okay, okay, okay. I know you think that this list says "bad product". However, I would like to state that with just a few fixes/changes, this could be in the top echelon of FS addons. There are even some features here that other addons don't have. For example, the simply remarkable way that the speed bugs on the ASI are set. I really like the click/drag feature. However, there are some features like the right click on the EPR button for GA or right click on the A/T switch for disarm which although great features, show up nowhere in the manuals. This is one of the issues in the manuals. But, the hand flying is WONDERFUL. I never have troubles flying manually in this aircraft. It's responsive but also lets the pilot know that it's a large aircraft and not an F-15 or Tornado. Simply brilliant to fly. Okay, enough ramble. Thanks for listening, I know this is a long post. And PSS, thanks for a great product, but please pay attention to this list (and the lists of others) when working on a patch. -adam

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