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757 - Impressions

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I "broke down" today and purchased PSS's 757. Here are my impressions, including a short flight I took from Glasgow to London, Heathrow.1. InstallationWent smoothly, even though I did get the "server overload, can't install aircraft cfgs error." Hitting the install button again fixed this. 2. Aircraft selectionObviously, a great many liveries are available, even though selection via the FS9 aircraft menu is cumbersome and time consuming. Perhaps there is a better way?3. Loading timesSorry, but these are atrocious. 2d sideviews, spot view, as well as vc views take forever to load (even compared with other frame-rate hungry addons).4. VisualsServiceable to good, but nothing to write home about (compared to other 757's currently on the market).5. ManualsGood and thorough.6. Tutorial flightNeeds much improvement, reads more like a rush job. If you don't know what you're doing (for example, because you are familiar with the 767), it will be hard going. 7. Flight dynamicsThis plane does not have any show stopping bugs. Lightly loaded it climbs like a rocket, but held the 250/10000 speed restriction without any problems. Altitude captures were flawless. LNAV, VNAV. FLCH worked as expected. LOC/GS capture also with no problems. No "snaking around" when capturing the LOC.Because of foggy conditions, I decided to do an autoland at EGLL - no problems there either. Flare and rollout went smoothly. 8. Improvements neededa) Load and fuel planner:( A more detailed tutorial flightc) Airbus call outs seem to be mixed in with the other callouts.d) As others have said, pnf callouts would add immensely to the immersion factor. e) Framerates are iffy, especially during descent and landing on detailed airports such as Gary Summons' EGLL. I suspect that without a decent machine, your joy will be limited. Overall, I'm not regretting my purchase. ricardo

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