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757 Utility Workaround

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Hi Guys: Norman, I thought I might post this solution to the forum as it might help the newbe's figure out how to correctly fly the 757. I know it involves another piece of payware but it works very well.1. I use FSBuild for my route and my fuel. The stats I get from it are on the money.2. For the pax weight, you already know how many passengers can go in the 1st class, coach sections. Take that knowledge and put it to work with a calculator. Use 170 lbs per passenger and do the math. I also use 50 lbs per pax for the cargo calculation. I take that number and divide by 2 as there are 2 cargo holds withe same weight (Fwd Mid and Center). I use the 1st class passengers cargo for the Cargo Forward. Usually I also make the Cargo aft the same as the Cargor Forward. 3. Load the plane in FS and go to the fuel/weight section. (Not the one in the panel). Below are the sections you will have to change with the weights you came up with. For the fuel, use the setup in the panel. That will load your tanks correctly. station_load.0 = "320, Pilot & Co-Pilot" station_load.1 = "600, Technical Crew" station_load.2 = "5000, First class" <---- station_load.3 = "13300,Coach Class Fwd" <----- station_load.4 = "13300,Coach Class Aft" <-----station_load.5 = "3000, Cargo Fwd" <-----station_load.6 = "4000, Cargo Fwd Mid" <------station_load.7 = "4000, Cargo Centre" <-----station_load.8 = "3000, Cargo Aft" <----- 4. For your zero fuel weight (ZFW) add the empty weight and the pax/cargo weight. Pretty simple. If you take your known empty, passenger and cargo weights, and the fuel weight, add it all up. Now you have the total weight of the aircraft. For those that use FSBuild, add up your pax/cargo weights and you have the number to enter on the aircraft form in FSBuild. The other advantage of FSBuild here is that you will get you Taxi and Takeoff weights and expected landing weight in the process. You will also get your Vspeeds for take off and landing. It doesn't get any simpler than this.5. As far as the MAC and trim percentage goes that is something we will have to waite till the utilities are released. However, using somewhere between 15-22% on the MAC has worked for me like a charm. Putting that in the FMC gives you your trim. If you play with it a while, you will get a feel for what should be used. Better yet, go on the net for the charts and use them like a real pilot. That will give you even better info.I am not advertising for FSBuild in this. I suspect other routing software will work just as well for the purpose. This is not an attempt to get you to buy anything else. Just the obvious fact that is is working for me. Given that the utilities are not done yet, this is a system that works. You can believe that real world pilots do not depend on some utility to load their fuel and the cargo. I know that the airline does it for them, but they take that info and double check to ensure the aircraft is loaded properly. Point here is, if you really want to make it real, get use to doing the calculations for yourself. The PSS-757 is the best one on the net hands down.Dbrashears

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