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Strange FPS problem with 777

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My 777 is currently parked at JFK, all systems off. Looking through the front window (2D panel), I'm getting between 36-39 FPS. If I look to the side, the VC is displayed, and the FPS drop a bit as a result. No big problem. But when I pan back to the front view with the 2D panel, the FPS are no between 28-31. If I switch to FSNavigator and back, the FPS are restored to 36-39.This is not a major problem at JFK, as I use stock FS scenery, but at Heathrow, where I have add-on scenery installed, the FPS are lower than elsewhere, and switching to a side view and back to the front view causes the frame rate to become jerky unless I do a quick FSNav in and out. It makes taxying very hard work, when you can either look to the side, but get bad frame rates on return, or attempt to taxy just looking straight ahead. This has happened on the last few sets of graphics card drivers I've had, the latest of which I currently have installed.I don't have this probem using the NoVC model, but like to see the aircraft when looking to the side, rather than nothing.Any one else with this problem, or any ideas?

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