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Tom Allensworth


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Most of the 536,000+ registered members of the AVSIM File Library system do not realize that our free library consumes a tremendous amount of bandwidth. Bandwidth which, of course, costs a lot of money a month. The AVSIM file library serves up on average, some 75,000 files a day. See a thirty day glance here: do they realize how much bandwidth a month that consumes. On average, we serve up over 435 gigabytes a DAY. Doing the math, that works out to just over 13 TERABYTES a month. See a 30 day glance here: these numbers do not include our bandwidth served up for the WEB site, the Forums and all the other things we do.The AVSIM Library is totally free. We do not charge for access or for "Premium Access". Everyone gets equal access and equal bandwidth, and of course, again, its free. We want to keep it that way, and you can help!Earlier this week, we opened a donation system for supporting the File Library and since then, hundreds of members have contributed.Simply put, how much is the AVSIM library system worth to you? Is it worth supporting financially? Is it worth it to you to ensure its future free, and equal access? Can you afford a dollar or two to support one of the most important resources in your hobby? If you think so, and are willing, you can help us ensure that this free service continues to provide you the fantastic system that has provided you tens of thousands of add on's to your hobby for nearly 10 years. If you would like to contribute to the AVSIM Library Fund, you can do so here: thank you in advance for supporting this unequaled community resource!

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