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Mission review: FTBW Safari Ranger Qualification

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Mission review: FTBW Safari Ranger Qualification.Mission author: Flight-Team-Bremerhaven, Dirk Stuck (Fireeagle)Download at: www.avsim.comTested in:FSX SP1 (not tested in Acceleration)Type: Bush pilot plus ground vehicles.Airplanes: Default FSX Trike, Piper Cub, Bell Jetranger, Beech Baron.Ground vehicles: Specifically designed Land rover car, United Nations Volvo Truck.Ubication: Africa jungle (Hwange national park-Zimbawue)Duration:long (over three hours)Dificult:medium, good instructions, operative mission pointer, floating green arrows in difficult points.Maps: Jeppesen one provided, but no good. Yahoo maps web page are better for localize roads and rivers.Abstract: Enjoy flying slow prop planes over the grove. Land in small jungle camps. Change your plane type in each mission leg or let the plane and take the road in a land rover. Explore the jungle and join a safari. Photograph the wild life. Transport food help in a United nations truck. Solve emergency situations, bandits, elephants out of control, sofoque a fire with your helicopter. Feel Africa.Description: The day begins in the Trike at Hwange airport. ATC clearance is managed by mission IA. Morning is beautiful, take off and follow the road to the base camp. Land in the road and arrive the camp to receive instructions. Change your plane and take of to Jhonny Camp. Enjoy your flight over the grove. African music plays, look outside, felt as Robert Redford in 'Out of Africa' film. Then, you see a floating question mark. If you fly over this you see many vehicles and animals near the river. Then you are invited to join a safari!. Land and change your plane into a land rover. Follow the road and the other safari cars or leave it and join the wild life (recomended) and drive near the animals. Great photos!. At last arrive at Jhonny Camp, animals and cars stop there. Take a coffee and fly again. At Mabikwa airport change again to United nations help food truck. Beware top speed truck. Save frecuently. Follow the roads for many miles (boring mission leg). Small surprises: bandits, elephant forest... Arrive Numbi town. This is a beautifull, well detailed scenery. Park and unload truck. Here the last task of the day, take land rover and locate lost hickers. Then a great fire in the jungle. Return Numbi and take off the fire helicopter. Use water to sofoque fire. End mission returning base camp, flying over the places you has visited previously and finish this beautiful adventure.Advices: In the plane change I recommend you choose the Cub. Truck max speed is 20 knots. If you are boring activate time compresion.The best: Plane change is funny. Africa jungle is well represented in the scenario. Small camps are highly detailed. Experience of drive a land rover following the wild life under the FSX trees is amazing. The idea of use floating arrows for help you to find the way is great. The bad: mission truck leg is too long. Sometimes scenery is boring. Elephants grove puzzle is erroneous or too difficult for me. Leave the road and drive left slowly.Rewiewed by: Raul de Frutos. (raulvolador)Screenshots: copter.jpg, cub_numbi.jpg, fire.jpg, fire_copter.jpg, jiraffe.jpg, johnny.jpg, numbi.jpg, road.jpg, safari.jpg, truck.jpg

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