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KPDX to KSEA via Radar Contact 4

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As anyone who has purchased the Flightzone's Portland Airport ( KPDX) there is a problem when trying to get there using RD4, you can't get there uing RD4. The problem was fixed a few months ago, but I just purchased the airport and found the problem. The fix is unbelievable easy. Here's a short statement from the RD4 forum on the fix :The critical fix is as per John Burgess advice as follows:"if you rename KPDX_28L_ILSFIX.bgl as !KPDX_28L_ILSFIX.bgl all may be well"This simple fix works fine for me. This is the steps I took:-1. Locate the file KPDX_28L_ILSFIX.bgl (It is located under FlightZone02_SCScenery)2. Rename it to !KPDX_28L_ILSFIX.bgl3. Launch FS9 to ensure the Scenery.cfg is updated4. Exit FS95. Launch Radar Contact 46. Click Rebuild Scenery DB to update RC4 data.That fixed the problem for me as I had a perfect test flight from KSEA to KPDX and the returned to KSEA.Also suggested was to install the new version of "Make Runways Beta_398" obtained from the same man that makes the FSUIPC" programs (sorry, I cannt remember his name). As it turned out I did not replace the default version of this .exe as I fixed my problem without doing so. From someone who knows:1. Should this new version be installed into FS2004?2. What does "running" this program do?3. If and when should this program be run?4.Does running this program do the same thing as running the "Rebuild Scenery DB" in Radar Contact 4 ?One last question. Does the same type problem araise when using Flightzone's Providence Airport? Thanks jerrycwo4

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