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AlacrityPC Personal Evaluation & Setup:

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In another thread, I asked what advantage this program had over Autostart. After my trial and setup of the program, here are my findings, and I thought they might be of use or interest to someone else.Please know that this is not meant to bad mouth Autostart in any fashion. I have used it for years and am very greatful for that contribution.Improvements (IMHO)1. The text between what is listed in the program, and that of individual line items that may show warnings or errors (time outs, or cannot be stopped by AlacrityPC) are the same. This was not the case with Autostart on some items and took a great deal of trial and error by searching to isolate the items in question. This is not the case with AlacrityPC and it is much easier to isolate these items.2. It appears that there are more items that are shutdown with AlacrityPC, although I am above my head on this issue. They may have been subitems in the listings which were included in Autostart.3. Some items that I was not able to affect in Autostart are handled fine in AlacrityPC (i.e. "Apache")4. To me personally, the setup and implementation was much more user friendly. Granted, that may be in the eyes of the beholder, but went very smoothly for me. (In my ignorance, I had a great deal of trouble with the path for Autostart to begin with).5. Some time ago after never having this problem in years of service, Autostart refused to restart programs when FS was shut down. I posted this issue and apparently it was system unique to me. Certainly no biggie, as the computer could simply be restarted. This is no problem on my system with AlacrityPC and everything restarts normally. I noticed in some other threads that some had trouble getting everything to restart. I cannot help but wonder if something may be setup incorrectly in "Optimization>Misc Options>After Monitored programs have been closed." (My setting is "continue processing profile" and it seems to work fine.Now relative to setup, I thought possibly the following might save someone else some time, although what is running on your unit may be different.First of all, if you are going to use AlacrityPC (or Autostart for that matter), I would recommend restarting your compurter as the first step. The logic here, is if you have been useing other programs that would not be running on an initial startup, they may not be included in your desired setup. In addition to this, while I was going through my rather lengthy setup procedure to find who played and who didn't, I found that after repeatedly shutting down, editing, and restarting that I sometimes got a windows error message stating "Generic Host Process for Win 32 Services" had to be shut down. This was intermittent and I never isolated what it was related to, but it only happened after repeatedly going through this cycle. After a computer restart, I never had this glitch.The only program that I did not stop and restart (left at a "nothing" setting) was my "MSOFFICE Microsoft Shortcut Bar".The services that either timed out or could not be stopped by AlacrityPC, and that I also left at a "nothing" setting were as follows:Event LogDcom Server Process LauncerESET ServiceRemote RegistryWebclientRemote Access Connection ManagerTelephonyPlug and PlaySecurity Accounts ManagerTerminal ServicesNhancer SupportDHCP Client must be left at "nothing" or I was not able to access the internet (weather)Windows Audio must be left at "Nothing" or I had no sound.This worked equally well in both FS9 and FSX. It looks like a swell program to me. Thank you very kindly for your contribution Ken. One curiosity question: How did you come up with the name "AlacrityPC" for the program. I am sure it applies to something computer wise of which I am ignorant (among so many things), but was curious.Hope this is of aid to someone.Respectfully:RTH

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Yeah folks, I'm diggin' up an old thread. I'm doing it to thank RHodges for his post about AlacrityPC. This one helped me out; it's exactly what I was looking for (I couldn't figure out which STOPPED program was shutting down my internet access, i.e., shutting out ActiveSky).Thanks again!

Aaron Lowry


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