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Multicrew in LH MADDOG 2008 and IVAO

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Hi, A copy-paste from the MADDOG forums, to get a bigger audience. All insight is appreciated!---Hello,Since discovering the multicrew of this plane, I have been trying to figure out how to setup the multicrew for successful flights in IVAO.In short, the requirements of operation in multicrew in IVAO are:1. Continuous audio connection between PF and PNF -> SKYPE suits for this -> OK2. Connection to the IVAO with IVAP -> according to instructions PF must connect to IVAO -> OK3. Connection to proper ATC frequency in IVAO -> PF must use Teamspeak to do this -> OK4. Ability to speak to Teamspeak channel (ATC) with push-to-talk feature at the same time the SKYPE connection is opened -> Works OK5. Ability for the PNF to handle the ATC comms in IVAO -> PF must be connected to IVAO -> Teamspeak in IVAO doesn't allow connections from anywhere else than from the PF client connected to IVAO -> PNF cannot handle ATC!6. IF PNF could handle the ATC, how would one accomplish BOTH pilots being automatically transferred to proper Teamspeak channel (ie. ATC freq) so that BOTH pilots could hear the ATC and either (or at least one) of them could transmit (PTT) to the frequency?So. To solve this problem, I got to ask at least these questions:A: Can the PNF role (talking maddog roles) connect to IVAO/Teamspeak channels, so he could take care of the ATC, as the PNF (how it should)? If so, is there any way the audio could be streamed to the PF headset (he didn't have to be connected to the Teamspeak, streaming is enough so he could just hear it!). I guess the main thing is this: Does the IVAO connection work OK, if the Maddog role PNF is the one taking the connection? If it works, then the only problem is how to relay the PNF audio (just the incoming audio) to the PF side. I guess there are programs for this (pulseaudio for example?).B: Is there any way, if PF has to be the one to connect to IVAO/Teamspeak, for the PNF to connect to the Teamspeak servers (ATC channels), because I recall that the IVAO TS servers don't allow the connection from anywhere else than the client that IS connected to the IVAO (PF in this case) ?C: Is there a way for synchronise Teamspeak programs through the net, IF IVAO would allow the other pilot (PNF) to connect to the TS without connecting to IVAO, so that the PNF didn't have to manually change channels?I know... difficult questions!---Tero

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