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Tiny bugs plus an Easter Egg

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Hi all,I've been enjoying the latest update, but I've also ntticed a few nitpicking things...1. NAV mode should not be available for arming on the ground until all 3 engines are running.2. Currently, the flight time on the ND (blue) resets to zero when the engines are shut down. It should not be reset until V2 is computed on the TAKEOFF page for the next flight.3. Without GNSS, the FMS position should update to the runway threshold position when takeoff power is set. This does not happen; instead, the FMS position does not update until a radio signal is received in the air.4."If a procedure-specified navaid exists that is not equal to the manually tuned navaid, the message TUNE AAA-FFF.FF is displayed."(fms40.20) This does not happen.I've been pointing out minor bugs in the PMDG simulation, but I've not taken the time to point out some of the features PMDG modeled as a testament to their impressive attention to detail. Believe me, I've found several things that have made me say "WOW! It's amazing that they actually simulated that!" In that vein, whenever I make one of these "bug reports", I'll include an "Easter egg".Today's Easter egg will be pilot-entered runways. On the MD11, the pilot has the ability to create a custom runway at any location he chooses. Probably not something the average MD11 pilot uses every day, but you can amuse yourself on those long hauls by creating 20,000ft runways. Check out the FMS portion of the manual to find out how to build your own runway!Paul

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