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Repaint Request

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Not sure where to post this, but My brother is buying an Archer II and I would love to Have Carenados FSX Archer painted like the one he just bought. Ironically its the exact same blue/gold paint scheme included with the Carenado Arrow. I tried copying over and renaming the Arrow paint and put it over the Archer. It almost worked, but the Rudders dont line up and some other misc stuff. I can't paint anthing (Ive tried, its hopeless) I was wondering if someone could paint the Carenado FSX Archer in the paint scheme of the Blue Carenado Arrow. I can also include pics of the real plane if that would help.Thanks in advance for reading my request.Below is the paint scheme Im talking about. Also, since my brothers plane has wheel pants on only the main gear, I would love it to work on that model of the Carenado Archer.Rob

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