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Guest dogmouse

Got it working in Windows 7. Some valuable tips for you

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Guest dogmouse

Ok! I got it all working fantastico!! Chris...you're a Genius!! Thank you so much for making it truly as real as it gets!Couple of tips, if you're having problems (like i did) with getting it to work within Windows 7:IF IT DOESNT WANT TO LOAD AFTER INSTALL:1. When you're installing TP, and it asks you where you want to place the Cache folder and the Realworld folder, and you want to put it onto another drive -- JUST PUT IT ON THE ROOT OF THE DRIVE YOU SPECIFY!DONT MAKE A FOLDER FOR IT!!That was the big problem for me. Once i put it on the root...everything was greatBLURRY IMAGES:Make sure you clamp the framerate to something like 24, or 30 in FSX. DO NOT leave it on unlimited.Change the Fiber Frame Time Fraction (within FSX.CFG) to 1.0.Blurries were gone, poof!it took a while to get here, but the solutions above were all found in the TP forum. I just had to take the right pieces of the puzzle.Blue skys, and tailwinds!~dog

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