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Guest newgoosy

something rotten in the state of maamtbm.gau? (hamlet)

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Guest newgoosy

My solution to the obviously not working MAAM-TBM.gau?Install in all TBM-type folders a new "panel.2" map.Do not forget the dot !!In this map install another TBM panel , I use panel from the "avengv19.zip"at flightsim, adjusted and incorporating the needed rcbo-20 corrections.In the acft.cfg file insert a "2" after every panel line for all texturesNow all tbm's are available, no need to go to a default acft every time, I changed from one to the other, even going back to saved flights of old times, long before the last week try to fly again with frustrating days as in your topic, which I just found this Friday .I was happy to see that I was not the only unlucky guy but no solutions sofar came up.The only flaw is that you lose the 3d panel, it is there but all the gauges are frozen, all clickable spots still function though for helmet change, sunglasse, bombbay doors.stick removal ,sliding windows etcSP1 did not help,Any chance that the MAAM boffins know a way to correct the suspected culprit, Maamtbm.gau?

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