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Localizer Back Course activation

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HELP! Everything working perfectly on a trans-Atlantic flight until the approach. ATC gave me a "visual" but it was listed on the charts as having a Localizer Back Course approach. But the 744X does not have a "BC" option on any panel or sub-panels that I could find! Is there one and I just can't find it? Or is the simulation limited to only front-course approaches? -- that would be unrealistic. Is it something that is to be setup in the FMC? Craig Udseth

Craig Williams

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that would be unrealistic
Hello Craig:In the words of Mike Ray, author of the real world 744 Simulator Check Ride Guide,
"Mr. Boeing failed to include that obnoxious reverse sensing doo-dad that made us able to fly that goofy back-course procedure... So, this particular airplane CANNOT FLY A BACK COURSE APPROACH. Breaks my heart"
Continuing from there....
Regarding the NDB or ADF ApproachI regard it as a quasi emergency anyway. I cannot think of any place in the world (other than some obscure place in China) where Pilots are subjected to using this sem-dangerous piece of Aviation memorabilia on a regular basis. It was clearly intended to be used when there was NO OTHER AVAILABLE APPROACH! No matter how perfectly we can fly the tail of the needle, there is ALWAYS a gross error in the line up of the signal anyway, i am telling you that if you have to do this manouvre, get your head out the cockpit and dont get all tied up in flying the manouvre. The idea is to land the Aeroplane safely.The ADF, even if perfectly flown, can place you in a position where a safe landing is in doubt.THIS APPROACH BELONGS IN A MUSEUM AND WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE FLOWN IN A HIGH PERFORMANCE JET THE SIZE OF THE 747-400
Please note that the Bold, Caps, and Underlinings are all as per the book. I haven't added anything ;)As you can see, the 744 is very realistic in that respect ;)CheersPaul

Is there a way to auto ignore trolls, flamers and any post with a +1 in it here?

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