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Service Update 1.1 Final Links for 737 PMDG, 737 PIC and Default Versions

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Attention FS2Crew 737 Voice Commander Drivers:April 14nd, 2010: SP1.1 Final Available for all 737 Voice Commander Versions!!!IMPORTANT: THESE UPDATES ARE NOT BUILT INTO THE MAIN INSTALLER!!! EVERYONE WILL NEED TO INSTALL THEM AFTER THEY INSTALL THE MAIN PROGRAM!!!!FINAL VERSION: PMDG 737NG FS9 737 Voice CommanderClick here to download*File Updated April 14nd. Please re-download if you have an earlier version*FINAL VERSION:Wilco feelThere 737 PIC Voice CommanderClick here to download*File Updated April 14nd, 2010. Please re-download if you have an earlier version*FINAL VERSION: Default Version FS9 and FSX 737 Voice Commander:Click here to download*File Updated April 14nd 2010. Current version is 1.1. Everyone will need to download 1.1 separately. Please re-download if you have an earlier version*Change Log:Version 1.1:- Audio looping with select sounds fixed.Version 1.0:Fixed:- Performance Issue.- Set Flaps 15/25 Speed Call.(Available in SP1 Final versions released post April 1st 2010):- If 'resetting' a flight, FO will no longer lose his voice.- VREF calculations improved.- Autobrake settings in Descent Checklist corrected (Default version only).- After takeoff checklist now functional after doing a go-around.- Seatbelts off command fixed. (737 PIC only).Changed:- FO no longer sets IRS during pre-flight flow (737 PIC version only)- VOR/LOC command split. New voice commands are “Localizer” and “VOR”.- Pushback distances can be set to a shorter distance.- Climb power call only available in climb.- Audio XACT files moved out of AppData folder and into root FS folder.- If AES enabled, only Jetway is disabled.- FO will now only perform his shutdown flow when both fuel levers are in the off position.- Values in Flight Data Section can be adjusted via mouse wheel.- Grammar file refactored for greater efficiency.- Overhead mini pop-up panel enlarged slightly to ensure greater simulated mouse click accuracy.New Commands:- MUTE button and Squawkbox 9 integration. If using Squawkbox 9, the FO will not be able to receive and act on speech commands while you are transmitting on voice. At the same time, if you press the Mute Key (default assignment is the LEFT CONTROL key) , the FO will not act on any words detected by the speech recognition engine. When Mute is active, a yellow M symbol will appear on the FS2Crew Main Display Panel.- Nav1 and Nav2 frequency tuning. Syntax: “Set XXX point XX on Nav 1”. Example: “Set 109.50 on Nav 1 (or Nav 2)- “Repeat Last”/ “Say Last” command. Can be used to have the FO repeat the last checklist item.- “Taxi light off”. The FO will no longer turn off the taxi light during his parking flow. Instead, you should make this command prior to parking at the gate so you don’t blind the ground crew.

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