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2 Days tweaking, one mistake ( stutters now corrected ) FS2004 running very well

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I have eliminated the stutters and it makes COF a keeper. These results are close or equal to my FS2002 results. In FS2004 I had stuters when hand flying the 172 - mostly on turns and approach. The stutters were likely my own fault...By mistake I copied my FS2002 values in COF, looks likeI had the 2 numbers reversed... I believe I isolated my stutters to screwing up these lines.TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=6.0000000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=9.9000000The recommended tweak is Default = 9.0 and Extended = 4.0I have since changed to the original COF load values...TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=0.0000000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=0.0000000I might try the correct tweak values in a while, but for now am pleased with removal of the stutters.My tweak method was tiring - tweak one thing at time and alsotry the same flight for results. 3:00 PM KBFI to KPAE under FairWealther theme in the 172. Must have flown it about 30 times.Anyway now I think I have more room to up some of the sliders I turned down during the tweak process.I have frames locked at 40 ( too see how high it goes ) and am getting 15 - 35 depending on weather theme and time of day. There is usually not much spread maybe 2 - 5 FPS -so good smoothness.Here is are my settings:Anthlon XP2000 ( 1.67 ), GF4-ti4600(29.80 drivers) 128mb, 512MB PC2100, W98SE, on board sound. AGP Appeture = 64MB, vcache min/max = 64mb, Virtual Mem = 500mb, AGP Texture Accel turned off in f9.cfg :[DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600.0]Mode=1280x960x32TextureAGP=0AntiA = 2x and AF = 4tap via RivaTunerSCENERY : mesh=75, txtsize=high, Land&Water, H20=low, DawnDusk=Y, ExtandedTex=Y, SpecialEff=high, scenecomplexe=extreme dense, autogen=normal, NO shadows, sunglare, lenseflare,AIRCRAFT : VC=high, reflection=no, shadow=no, landlight= yes,WEATHER : 60/30/20/MAX - IE 60 sight, 30 cloud, 20 3d, coverage =max, no dyamic WX at this time. HARDWARE : 1280x960x32, render to texture=Y, TL=Y,4mipmap, 8Lighting, Global Tex=massiveSOUND : med and basic accel in DXDiag applicationTRAFFIC : 100% GA and Comercial- Myles

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