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Please take into consideration before requesting a livery on this Repaint Request Forum.


This is not a shop where you can "order" things , getting the paint you want depends on many things such as:


1. does the potential painter have the model you require painting for?When requesting a payware repaint quite a few painters are left out of the frame due to the fact they dont own it.


2. does the potential painter even own or run the sim you want the paint for ??.Some painters only run one FS9 or FSX ( others just X-Plane or some other sim)


3. is the potential repainter interested in doing the paticular repaint you requested.Some repainters are not interested in doing " Fictional" repaints.



4. Does the potential repainter have the time to take on your repaint(s)

SO......If you are looking for a repainter who e.g owns the Overland A330 and A380 , who also owns FS9 and is also keen to paint a real world and ( or ) fictional repaint and has the time to do it !!!!


The points mentioned above narrow down the chance of having your desired paint in a day or two.Keep in mind we`re all volunteers at AVSIM , having a normal life beside our hobby. Family ,work and other commitments.Painters give their time for nothing , nada , nil , zero, zilch .This might explain the delay between request and reply ( and possibly "the paint") , and assure that requests are not being simply ignored. Please do not complain about a paint not being made for you promptly ,or not at all.


Do not start bumping-up your post after just a week or even less.

And if you want to bump your post (nothing wrong with that ,as long we do not exaggerate) make it not a complain in big capital font, just a renewed "please" might do .A bit gratitude and a positive response after having a request fullfilled would be nice.Sometimes (!) we see a big "Thank-you" and some fine screenshots from the result.

Would`nt it be great to have that standard and instead of sometimes.


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