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Tom Allensworth

The Joys of System Mechanic

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I have been using Iolo's System Mechanic on the three machines we have in our house for months (it comes with a license for three machines!). That includes my FSX machine. It has many great features that frankly do a much better job than Norton or other Utils of that nature. Most importantly, it doesn't load a lot of stuff in background that slows your system down. It has a tool (I suspect) that gamers and flight sim enthusiasts will find invaluable. That is the MEMORY DEFRAG tool.I have a pretty robust machine as you can see in the specs below, never the less I was amazed by the impact of MEMORY DEFRAG and the results it got while in FSX and particularly with the PMDG birds. I started using it in earnest when the 64 bit DLL crashing of FSX was occuring on a regular basis. Other benefits came to light very quickly.We have all seen (I presume) missing textures or very slow to load external textures. With this and the DLL problem, I started to use the MEMORY DEFRAG tool of System Mechanic. About half way through a flight, I will pause FSX. I will then open an instance of System Mechanic and run the MEMORY DEFRAG tool. There are a lot of variables that impact on the results, such as aircraft in operation, scenery load, etc. In use, I regain anywhere from 30 to 500 megs of memory. I was amazed to say the least. I was even more amazed with the impact it had on scenery load times and the filling in of missing textures. It didn't fix the 64 bit DLL problem of course, but it did have unintended positive consequences.The usual caveat applies: your milage may vary.

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