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Guest palwaukeeflyers

Windows 7 64

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Guest palwaukeeflyers

Ever since I decided to install Windows 7 I have had a plethora of problems. I had purchase via download, software I was not able to install. When I needed to install an upgrade for Adobe, it would not work because of some msi error, etc. I tried to install internet TV and well you guess it, it would not work either. I decided to finally call Microsoft and they told me to download a program from their website and it did not work. Finally they begin to suspect a corrupt file was the culprit of all of my problems with Windows 7. After following a few instructions they were able to fix not only my internet TV but I realize later on that Tile Proxy was working as well. They decided that I needed to delete my current user account because it was corrupt and make a new user account. They also help me transfer all of my files to the new account and now everything works like a charm. So, for those of you who had tried almost everything don't give up and give this a chance it may solve a lot of your Windows 7 Problems. I hope this may help some of you out there.

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