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Guest gauramohana

Giriraja's RTW Flight

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Guest gauramohana

I decided that it would be a good idea to do a COMPLETE Round The World flight, and i thought to keep a diary of my progress right here along with the Aerosoft Forums  (and ofcourse i plan to post hundreds of screenshots per leg if i can)Current Status:Plane is Parked in KBPHeres the Planned Map:mapu.gifAGR-DEL-KBP-HEL-WAW-TXL-LWO-INN-CDG-RBA-TFN-LBA-LHR-JFK-ATL-MIA-SXM-PBM-GRU-AQP-SCA-MEX-DEN-LAX-SFO-PAE-YVR-ANC-PEK-KIX-TPE-MNL-POM-AKL-BNE-SYD-MEL-ADL-PER-SIN-KUL-BKK-DEL40 segment path:

42 segment path:            50128 mi    AGR (27°09'21"N 77°57'39"E)    DEL (28°34'07"N 77°06'44"E)    332.1°     (NW)    110 mi    DEL (28°34'07"N 77°06'44"E)    KBP (50°20'42"N 30°53'41"E)    315.2°     (NW)    2829 mi    KBP (50°20'42"N 30°53'41"E)    HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E)    343.7°     (N)    728 mi    HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E)    WAW (52°09'57"N 20°58'02"E)    197.0°     (S)    584 mi    WAW (52°09'57"N 20°58'02"E)    TXL (52°34'N 13°17'E)    277.8°     (W)    326 mi    TXL (52°34'N 13°17'E)    LWO (49°48'45"N 23°57'22"E)    108.1°     (E)    500 mi    LWO (49°48'45"N 23°57'22"E)    INN (47°15'37"N 11°20'38"E)    257.9°     (W)    604 mi    INN (47°15'37"N 11°20'38"E)    CDG (49°00'35"N 2°32'52"E)    289.8°     (W)    424 mi    CDG (49°00'35"N 2°32'52"E)    RBA (34°03'05"N 6°45'05"W)    208.3°     (SW)    1137 mi    RBA (34°03'05"N 6°45'05"W)    TFN (28°28'58"N 16°20'30"W)    238.5°     (SW)    684 mi    TFN (28°28'58"N 16°20'30"W)    LBA (53°51'57"N 1°39'38"W)    18.9°     (N)    1903 mi    LBA (53°51'57"N 1°39'38"W)    LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W)    162.5°     (S)    173 mi    LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W)    JFK (40°38'23"N 73°46'44"W)    288.0°     (W)    3451 mi    JFK (40°38'23"N 73°46'44"W)    ATL (33°38'12"N 84°25'41"W)    233.9°     (SW)    760 mi    ATL (33°38'12"N 84°25'41"W)    MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W)    154.2°     (SE)    594 mi    MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W)    SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W)    112.4°     (E)    1224 mi    SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W)    PBM (5°27'10"N 55°11'16"W)    147.3°     (SE)    1017 mi    PBM (5°27'10"N 55°11'16"W)    GRU (23°25'55"S 46°28'10"W)    163.8°     (S)    2071 mi    GRU (23°25'55"S 46°28'10"W)    AQP (16°20'28"S 71°34'59"W)    282.0°     (W)    1703 mi    AQP (16°20'28"S 71°34'59"W)    SCA (8°34'N 76°19'W)    348.9°     (N)    1742 mi    SCA (8°34'N 76°19'W)    MEX (19°26'11"N 99°04'20"W)    298.5°     (NW)    1698 mi    MEX (19°26'11"N 99°04'20"W)    DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W)    347.9°     (N)    1446 mi    DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W)    LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'26"W)    246.0°     (SW)    862 mi    LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'26"W)    SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'30"W)    319.8°     (NW)    337 mi    SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'30"W)    PAE (47°54'25"N 122°16'54"W)    0.4°     (N)    710 mi    PAE (47°54'25"N 122°16'54"W)    YVR (49°11'38"N 123°11'04"W)    335.4°     (NW)    98 mi    YVR (49°11'38"N 123°11'04"W)    ANC (61°10'28"N 149°59'47"W)    318.6°     (NW)    1330 mi    ANC (61°10'28"N 149°59'47"W)    PEK (40°04'48"N 116°35'04"E)    294.7°     (NW)    3961 mi    PEK (40°04'48"N 116°35'04"E)    KIX (34°25'38"N 135°14'39"E)    104.9°     (E)    1097 mi    KIX (34°25'38"N 135°14'39"E)    TPE (25°04'40"N 121°13'58"E)    236.3°     (SW)    1058 mi    TPE (25°04'40"N 121°13'58"E)    MNL (14°30'31"N 121°01'10"E)    181.1°     (S)    727 mi    MNL (14°30'31"N 121°01'10"E)    POM (9°26'36"S 147°13'12"E)    131.0°     (SE)    2437 mi    POM (9°26'36"S 147°13'12"E)    AKL (37°00'29"S 174°47'30"E)    142.1°     (SE)    2563 mi    AKL (37°00'29"S 174°47'30"E)    BNE (27°23'03"S 153°07'03"E)    291.4°     (W)    1428 mi    BNE (27°23'03"S 153°07'03"E)    SYD (33°56'46"S 151°10'38"E)    193.9°     (S)    467 mi    SYD (33°56'46"S 151°10'38"E)    MEL (37°40'24"S 144°50'36"E)    232.3°     (SW)    439 mi    MEL (37°40'24"S 144°50'36"E)    ADL (34°56'42"S 138°31'50"E)    296.2°     (NW)    399 mi    ADL (34°56'42"S 138°31'50"E)    PER (31°56'25"S 115°58'01"E)    272.6°     (W)    1317 mi    PER (31°56'25"S 115°58'01"E)    SIN (1°21'01"N 103°59'40"E)    338.8°     (N)    2420 mi    SIN (1°21'01"N 103°59'40"E)    KUL (2°44'44"N 101°42'36"E)    301.3°     (NW)    185 mi    KUL (2°44'44"N 101°42'36"E)    BKK (13°40'52"N 100°44'50"E)    355.0°     (N)    754 mi    BKK (13°40'52"N 100°44'50"E)    DEL (28°34'07"N 77°06'44"E)    307.8°     (NW)    1831 miTotal:            50128 mi

Code          Source          Location      AGR    DAFIF    Agra [Kheria], INDEL    AIP    New Delhi [indira Gandhi Intl], INKBP    DAFIF    Kiev [borispol], UAHEL    AIP    Helsinki [Vantaa], FIWAW    DAFIF    Warsaw [Fryderyk Chopin (Okecie)], PLTXL    MIL    Berlin (Tegel) [berlin Intl], BE, DELWO    DAFIF    Lvov (Lviv) [snilow], UAINN    DAFIF    Innsbruck [Kranebitten], ATCDG    AIP    Paris (Roissy-en-France) [Charles de Gaulle (Roissy)], FRRBA    DAFIF    Rabat [Rabat-Salé], MATFN    DAFIF    Santa Cruz de Tenerife [Tenerife Norte (Los Rodeos)], Tenerife Island, Canary Islands, ESLBA    DAFIF    Leeds/Bradford (Yeadon) [Leeds Bradford Intl], Yorkshire, England, GBLHR    DAFIF    London [Heathrow], Middlesex, England, GBJFK    FAA    New York [John F Kennedy Intl], NY, USATL    FAA    Atlanta [Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Intl], GA, USMIA    FAA    Miami [intl], FL, USSXM    DAFIF    Philipsburg [Princess Juliana Intl], St. Maarten, ANPBM    DAFIF    Zanderij (Zandery, Paramaribo) [Johan Adolf Pengel Intl (Zanderij Intl)], SRGRU    DAFIF    São Paulo [Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos], SP, BRAQP    DAFIF    Arequipa [Rodriguez Ballon], PESCA    unreliable    Santa Catalina, COMEX    DAFIF    Ciudad de México (México City) [benito Juárez Intl], DF, MXDEN    FAA    Denver [intl], CO, USLAX    FAA    Los Angeles [intl], CA, USSFO    FAA    San Francisco [intl], CA, USPAE    FAA    Everett [snohomish County Airport (Paine Field)], WA, USYVR    DAFIF    Vancouver [intl], BC, CAANC    FAA    Anchorage [Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl], AK, USPEK    DAFIF    Beijing (Peking) [Capital], Beijing, CNKIX    DAFIF    Osaka [Kansai Intl], Honshu, JPTPE    DAFIF    Taipei [Taiwan Taoyuan Intl (Chiang Kai Shek Intl)], TWMNL    DAFIF    Manila [Ninoy Aquino Intl], PHPOM    DAFIF    Port Moresby [Jacksons], PGAKL    AIP    Auckland [intl], NZBNE    DAFIF    Brisbane [intl], Qld, AUSYD    DAFIF    Sydney [Kingsford Smith], NSW, AUMEL    DAFIF    Melbourne [Tullamarine Intl], Vic, AUADL    DAFIF    Adelaide [intl], SA, AUPER    DAFIF    Perth [intl], WA, AUSIN    DAFIF    Singapore [Changi Intl], SGKUL    DAFIF    Kuala Lumpur (Sepang) [intl], Selangor, MYBKK    DAFIF    Bangkok [suvarnabhumi Bangkok Intl], TH
if You have ANY Suggestions or iDeas at all PLEASE do tell.....Posted 13 September 2010 - 09:23 PM I just got my computer back today, So i should start the RTW flying soonFirst FlightAGR-DEL (VIAG-VIDP) Estimated Flight Time 00:45 Plane not decided yetPosted 14 September 2010 - 05:23 PM AGR-DEL completed. Bombardier CRJ700, Flight Time 00:48Pictures are being uploadedPosted 15 September 2010 - 06:44 PM FLIGHT GM748 DEL-KBP has been delayed due to technical difficulties. The flight has been delayed until tomorrow. Equipment Changed to PMDG 747-400 (from AEROSOFT Airbus A321 - Leased from Finnair).New ETD 09:00GMT Maintenance Log-(All times in IST (IST = GMT + 5.30 Hours)16:25 OH-LZE (Wet Leased to Giriraja Airlines) Left DEL from runway 2716:26 Minor Tailstrike16:28 Extreme Turbulence16:29 FSPassengers people Start Screaming16:30 Gaura Mohana notices that most of the AutoPilot is not working, Only basic HDG hold, and ALT hold is working.17.30 Somewhere over Pakistan Gaura Mohana figures out that the Airbus A320 does not have enough fuel to make it to KBP17:46 Diversion to Some small airport in the middle of pakistan17:50 Thrust is Unresponsive, stuck on 80% N118:00 After some moves, MAYDAY call takes place18:05 On Finals in the Emergency Landing the Airplane Refuses to go down, The nose suddenly goes down, and FSX says "CRASH". Airplane is going to be put together. NOT written Off.131 Passengers, Everyone Survived.I did not have the final version of the plane, hence the glitchesPosted 16 September 2010 - 05:59 PM Flight GM054 flight report log Date September 16 2010Flight ID: GM054Flight Type: NormalPilot: Gaura MohanaCompany: Govardhana AirAircraft: PMDG - 747-400 RB211 EnginesFlight Date: September 16 2010Departure: 15h23 (10h24 GMT)Arrival: 18h55 (16h56 GMT)From: VIDP - Indira Gandhi Intl - IndiaTo: UKBB - Boryspil' - UkraineNbr of Passengers: 285Report:Flight Distance: 2,454 Nm Landing Speed: 122.92 ktTime Airborne: 06h17:34 Landing Touchdown: -604.61 ft/mFlight Time (block): 06h32:00 Landing Pitch: 3.82°Time On Ground: 00h18:28 Landing Weight: 570073 lbsAverage Speed: 389.79 kt Total Fuel Used: 168141 lbsClimb Time: 00h12:07 Climb Fuel Used: 17106 lbsCruise Time: 02h00:56 Cruise Fuel Used: 56030 lbsAverage Cruise Speed: 456.78 kt (M0.72) Cruise fuel/hour: 27798 lbs (calc)Descent Time: 04h04:31 Descent Fuel Used: 95005 lbsPassenger Opinion: Exceptional flight (100%)-Are relieved to have landed safely after the extreme weather they experienced during landing.-Were highly entertained by the movie.-Were in a better mood because they had food.-Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience.-Didn't like that you forgot the seat belt sign during take-off or landing.-Were terrified by your "dive of death".-Wonder if they landed or if they crashed (hard landing).Financial Report:Ticket Income: +$286,380 (2,454 Nm)Cargo Income: +$100,017 (29998 lbs)Services Income: +$9,669 (1 sandwich 2 hot food 5 drink)Services Cost: -$7,412 (60% quality)Fuel Cost: -$66,046 (168141 lbs Jet-A1)Airport Taxes: -$1,168 (Heavy Aircraft)Insurance Costs: -$30,971 (4.32% rate)Total Real Income: $290,469 Total Income: $14,523,450 (real x50) Fleet Bonus: $589,638 (2 aircraft)Total Sim Income: $15,113,088 (total income+fleet bonus)Company Reputation:Considering that the flight was perfect the ticket price good, the service price good and the service quality nice, passengers on this flight think that your company's reputation should be 100%Your company reputation is now: 64.61% (+3.54 increase)Overall Flight Result: PerfectPilot Bonus points: 594 pointsPerfect Flight, no problems, and very satisfied passengers. (+150)You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)Long flight (06h17) without using time acceleration, without any problems, and with satisfied passengers. (+314)Extreme weather conditions during approach, but a safe landing with satisfied passengers. (+100)Pilot's Penalty points: -477 pointsYou made a very hard landing at -604 ft/mn and the aircraft sustained damage. (-400)Parking brake should only be used when that aircraft has stopped, you used it at speed of 11 kt your aircraft was damaged. (-77) http://img213.images...91612482998.jpghttp://img715.images...16174341523.jpghttp://img255.images...16172941853.jpgmore pics will come soonbtw i was using realtime weather, and there were 20 knot crosswindsTakeoff was Manual, COMPLETE Cruise was taken care of by VNAV and LNAV, and The Beginning of the landing was a standard ILS CATIII Approach, and Finals were Manual (last 10 miles)Cruising Altitudes were FL380, FL360, and Finally FL240 

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