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Brett Nicholls

737 NGX

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Hi everyone. I suppose I might be getting a little bit impatient but was wondering now that there is not too months left in the year if anyone has heard when the 737 NGX was being released. Pictureslook really amazing. Is it a few weeks or maybe towards the end of the year? Regards Brett

Brett Nicholls

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Hi Brett, Please sign your full name to posts in this forum, thanks.http://forum.avsim.net/topic/245586-you-must-sign-your-full-real-name-to-posts-to-use-this-forum-posts-without-names-will-be-deleted/We are all waiting for it, and can just say to keep an eye out in the General Forum for a new Topic soon. The current thread on the matter is here, but I'm sure you've seen that already.So pull up a seat and wait with the rest of us, hopefully soon. We all feel the same way, as does PMDG from what I've read.Geesh, I feel like an expecting father, waiting for the wife to pop, haha.

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Dan Prunier

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It's going to take until over 9000. :(

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Guest wims

I have heard that the planned release date is the same one as ever, namely when its done.

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