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What aircraft have you flown on in real life?

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Too many variants to count but every generation of 737 except MAX








Dash 8

Global 6000









Archer II





Schweizer 300



I think I'm forgetting a few but that's OK.

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I have PIC time in the following


150/2, 172, 172RG, 182, 182RG, T210, 421, S550


Archer, Arrow


V35, B36TC (over half of my TT is in these), BE36, BE76, BE56, C90A







May be missing a couple others but I think that is about it. 


AMD 5800X | Nvidia 3090 FE | Samsung CRG9 49 inch monitor | Samsung M.2 NVMe 1TB|  3, 1TB SSDs| 32GB DDR4 @3600 cl 16| Windows 10|X-plane 11, MS2020

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Well, I'm not a pilot so these are aircraft I've flown in as passenger. SNJ, C130, B25, R4D, R5D, Constellation, L1011, DC10, 707, 727, 737, 747, 757. Helos- H-13, H-34, HR2S. Most fun was aerobatics in the front seat of the SNJ, The pilot was my boss, a Marine fighter pilot. Scariest was as a simulated casualty on the outside of the H-13.

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Looking back on my travels, and after recent events, I especially count myself fortunate to have flown on the 747-400 with United Airlines back in 2004, and the MD-80 or Mad Dog with American Airlines for a cruise. Including these two I have flown on these planes with these respective airlines

737-300/500/700 - Southwest Airlines 

757-200 United Airlines 

767-400 - Continental Airlines

Including the airlines mentioned above, I have also flown on these airlines: 

America West

US Airways

Delta Air Lines

And lastly, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk with relatives in Georgia.

and that’s about it. If I remember any other planes or airlines I will submit an updated post.

Edited by UAL744

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Wow. Let's see;

As a pilot, logged and either paying for or paid to fly...

20 Hours of DH Chipmunk AEF Flying.

Cessna 150/152 PPL studies and 800hrs instructing.

Cessna 172PPL and about 20 hours instructing.

Cessna 172RG 5 Hours instructing/pleasure.

Cessna 182 2 Hours Instructing.

Cessna 182RG 3 Hours pleasure.

Piper PA28-161/181 1230 Hours CPL training.

Piper PA 32-220 35 Hrs CPL Training.

Piper PA18 3 Hours of fun.

Robin Aiglon. 2 Hours of fun.

Tiger Moth. 1 hour of lots of fun. 

Dragon Rapide. 20 mins of terror.

Pitts S2B 30 mins of abject terror and fun -air test and rigging exercise.

Hunting Jet Provost Mk 4. 20 mins paid pax flight with some hands on time.

BAe Hawk T Mk 1a. 100Sqn fam flight 1 hour of hands on G pulling and general silliness.

Schweitzer C300. 1 Hour lesson managed to taxi, hover, climb fly a circuit and approach back to the hover. 

BAe ATP. 1,500 Hours right seat with Manx Airlines.

BAe 146-100, -200 -300. 3,500 hrs with Manx/BRAL, BA Connect and Flybe.

DHC-8Q-400 3,500hrs of left seat time with Flybe.

Boeing 737-700/800 4,000 hours of flying first with Sunexpress then with Jet2.com, my current employer.


Passenger time on;

Shorts 330/360,

115 Sqn Andover,

Westland Scout, Sea King, Puma,

Partenavia P68B,

BAe J41,

McDonnell Douglas DC9, MD 80, Dc 10, MD11,

Lockheed Tristar,

Boeing 707-720B, 727-200, 737-200ADV, 737-300, 400, 500, 700, 800, 900LR. B757-200, B767-200, -300, B777-200, -300, B747-200, -400

Airbus A319, 320,321, A330. A340 A380.

Embraer EMB145, 175, 195.

I'm not the best passenger to be honest. Far prefer to be at the controls.

Mark Harris.

Aged 54. 

P3D,  & DCS mostly. DofReality P6 platform partially customised and waiting for parts. Brunner CLS-E Yoke and Pedals. Winwing HOTAS and Cougar MFDS.

Scan 3XS Laptop i9-9900K 3.6ghz, 64GB DDR4, RTX2080.

B737NG Pilot. Ex Q400, BAe146, ATP and Flying Instructor in the dim and distant past! SEP renewed and back at the coal face flying folk on the much deserved holidays!

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As a student & later licensed pilot I have logged flight time in the following:

--Piper: Tri-Pacer (PA-22); Cherokee: PA 28-140 & 180; PA-32 (Six); Apache (PA-23) & Twin Comanche (PA-30) 

--Cessna:: 120 (Soloed), 150, 172, 177RG, 182 & 310D

--Mooney: Mark 21 (M20C) & Executive (M20F) 

--Taylorcraft (float training)

--Beechcraft: Beech18 (right seat time)

As an airline passenger

--Boeing: 707, 720B, 727, 737, 747

--McDonnell Douglas:  DC-6, DC-8s (earlier & later stretched versions), DC-9 & 10

Edited by raymie
I forgot to list military aircraft\helicopter as a passenger

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As a passenger on military aircraft & helicopters while in the US Army

Military Aircraft: C-123 & 130; 

Military Helicopters: Huey (UH1) & Chinook (CH 47)

Edited by raymie
Also the OV-1 Mohawk (Twin Turbo-Prop Surveillance aircraft

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I grew up on the east coast of Canada and had some interesting flights.

My dad's C172
DC-3 (Eastern Provincial Airlines) - one flight was with an engine that kept sounding like it was going to die but never did.
Fairchild 227 - (Quebecair) - This is the Fokker F27 made in the USA by Fairchild.
B737-100 (EPA) - they flew in some of the harshest weather and a song was written that Santa followed EPA on Xmas eve
B737-200 (Quebecair)
Bac 1-11 (Quebecair) - soooo noisy
DC-9 (Air Canada)
B767-200 (Air Canada)

Intel I7 6700k @ 4ghz, nVidia 3070ti 8gb, 16 gb ddr4 @ 1066mhz,  500 ssd, 2tb hdd, 2tb ssd, ASUS z170-E mb, Samsung 24" @ 1920x1080, P3D 5.4, MSFS

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All GA for me:

PA-28-140 (the plane that I soloed in)
PA-28-180 (I think is my favorite)

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