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747-400x will not run right UNLESS I'm in DX10 Preview

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HereHello gents, first time poster here. I'm having a bit of an issue which seems to be somewhat different from everyone else's and I've spent 3 days searching all over for a solution. Here goes:1. I have PMDG 747-400x with the 8i/8f/LCS expansions and service pack files installed.2. I am running FSX+SP1+Acceleration3. System: Core I7-950 (no O/C) and 12GB ram, Nvidia GTX 470, OCZ IBIS 480GB SSD Raid, Windows 7 Pro x64, and HP 24" SIPS (1920x1200) windowed and fullscreen modes no change.4. I have been away from FSX for about 4 years now so unfamiliar with the usual fixes, hacks, or configs out there. Could use some enlightenment.Tried running the PMDG 747x in DX9 mode initially. I get transparent exterior sections and black MFD's/MCP in virtual cockpitEnabled DX10 preview and everything is wonderful with PMDG 747x. I am happy, everything is great. (except for simplified animations during replay...anyone got a solution for that)So I start splurging on tons of add-ons, not really ensuring that they are all DX10 compatible. I was only looking at the (made for FSX) designation. (My fault)A. Since my 747x will not run in anything BUT DX10 preview, I now have missing textures and runways/taxiways on almost every airport scenery from Aerosoft Mega Airports Munich, Frankfurt, Heathrow. (verified they are for FSX)B. Blueprint Simulations seems to be doing OK for the moment with KDFW, KIAH, KJFK, KLAS. No issues here.C. FlyTampa St. Maarten seems to be OK so far.D. For traffic I am now using WoAI and half the non DX10 planes are white textures or transparent. I have purchased MyTraffic X but haven't installed it yet. Need to remove WoAI first.My main question before I begin dissecting my FSX installation in order to enjoy the MegaAirport sceneries; How can I get the PMDG 747x to actually work properly in DX9 so I can fly to those airports? I have not yet uninstalled everything however I have reinstalled all the sceneries with all available updates to try and get them working right. 1. Please help in getting PMDG 747X working properly under DX9 if possible2. Has anyone been able to view advanced animations during replay? (the option is enabled under "Aircraft" settings)Thanks a lot in advance for reading through this thesis :-)EDIT-I found this post which replicates what I see when running in DX9 mode: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/336815-747-400x-vc/I will try the fix listed in that post to see if it helps.Chris Hoesel

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