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Hot Fix

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I applied the hotfix and restarted fsx. I havent thried the 739 yet, but it didnt touch the liveries for the 738. Flying from KSTL to KSJC I used VNav exclusively for three test flights. At each test flight, the plane overflew the airport, and on AP disco, the plane stopped responding to manual input. None of the switches worked. The Auto Pilot would not reactivate, and for all intents and purposes the plane froze. I had to Ctrl-Alt_del out of each flight..Now, mind you, I dont normally use VNav, so it could have very easily been something i was doing, but i would still think that the flight computer should reset itself when i turn everything off, and manual controls should work.. Anywayyy, You requested feedback and Perhaps this willl help..My system specs are: XFX 780i-sli MBIntel Core 2 Quad Q6600 O/C'd to 3 GHZ8 gigs, 800 mhz ramEVGA GTX 260 GPU w/870 meg ramRealtek onboard HD sound1.5 terrabyte HDJVC 52" HD TV using HDMI input for a monitor at 1080i resolution I used FSbuild to create the flight plan from KSTL to KSJC, and closed fsbuild before flight as i only wanted to use the flight plan. Programmed the fmc at stl and alligned myself on rwy 30L. turned on VNav and the AP, and took off.. Turned on LNav at a thousand feet.. The flight proceded normally each time through to the T/D and down to approach altitude. On approach, each flight, the controls all froze and no input would be accepted irregardless of what measures i took.. Hopefully you'll be able to reproduce this.. Good Luck.Pam


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