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Line Up With Runway

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Hi Could someone please explain (in plain english) how to line up with the runway. I line up to the DTK on the GPS however after about a minute the DTK increases by 1o. I know there is a way to auto line up using the localiser. Can someone please explain (again in plain english) step by step how to line up using the localizer. Please Reply ASAP.

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What aircraft are you using? Try a little bit of rudder to correct

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Don't understand your question, but are you Contact flying or are you IFR ?

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Depends what equipment you are flying. In light aircraft you probably just look out of the window, you can do that with an airliner as well as long as the weather is ok. Im guessing your in an airliner in IMC conditions though. You should tune in the ILS, select ILS mode on your EFIS, the course selector should be the same as the runway heading, When the vertical pink bar (the localiser bar) is all the way over to the left you need to fly left towards the bar and vice versa. You are aligned when the bar is in the middle. Example, Runway 36. Runway heading 356. You are approaching from south west. Put 356 into the coarse selector and tune in the ILS to the correct frequency. You want to ba aligned by a minimum of about 8nm from the runway so keep an eye on the DME reading. You are approaching from the south west so say your heading is 045 degrees. You are to the left of the localiser so on your approach display the prurple bar will be all the way over to the right. This means keep flying right. Becaus eyour heading is 045 and the runway is 356 you are doing this already. You just have to wait, but keep an eye that you are not getting too close to the runway. Keep an eye on that localiser bar. It will suddently start to move towards the left. Start turning left. you need to judge it right. in no wind you want to be approaching the runway on a heading of 356 so you need to turn left from 045 to 356 as that bar comes across. if it goes beyond the center and to the left you will need to turn further left to catch up with it. Maybe to 350 for a moment or too untill it starts coming right again. It will be helpful if you tune a NDB or VOR at the airfield you are approaching. then you can watch the RMI as well. when the needle for the NDB or the VOR is pointing towards 356 then you are on the correct radial from the airport. but you also need to be heading 356 at that moment otherwise you will not be on that 356 for very long. Its dead easy really, just have a think about it with a pen and paper and learn how the ILS, VOR or NDB display the relevent data to you. Just imagine trying to drive down a long straight road but not being able to see outside. You have someone shouting "left... left" or "right a bit" Eventually you can align with the road. The approach is just an extension of the runway really. Most of the time anyway. Not at olf Hong Kong, thats more like having a round about in your road that you have to turn right at. Probably quite rubbish explanations but the best I can think of quickly! Keep practising

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