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Just a few questions for PMDG Team

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Hi, 1. Is it still OK & accurate enough for NGX to use the old PMDG Fuel Planner? I have it on another computer to work out Fuel needed after calculating net Wind loss or gain from upper level winds from a Aviation Calculator using parameters Track, Speed (Approx 450kts), Wind direction/speed etc. 2. The Altitude warning Tone which you hear in the PMDG NG when approaching 800ft before the MCP Alt is not there. Is it modelled? 3. What does the state & difference between NGX LONG (Long Ground turn), ..NGX SHORT (Short Ground turn) mean? 4. How if possible can you save & recall a new Flight Route? I got as far as 'Save' , but then it asked you to 'Confirm' but nothing seemed to happen after selection. I've done a couple of Flights after studying the NGX Intro PDF ..& am very impressed so far! Hope you can help, Thanks Stewart Thompson

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