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Maybe not HOTFIX 3 alone?

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I have asked this question in an answer to a post in a thread that seems to be headed in the wrong direction for me, so i thought i would use as a new topic.It seems to me that when reading the various posts in threads referencing hotfixes that there are three different "action = result" scenarios standing out here. PC#1 No (apparent) problems from day one.Installed HF3 = "Problems" PC#2 Problems from day oneInstalled HF3 = "Problems solved" PC#3 No apparent problems from day one,completely uninstalled NGX, Downloaded new .exe from PMDG (Contains HF3).Reinstall NGX with new .exe = "No problems". So my question is obvious. If from day one we have had no problems, should we do what PC#3 did? Please understand that this is not a PMDG bashing thread. Nor is it intended as a Hotfix or no Hotfix thread, or a fencing match. Just looking for some possible answers to something that maybe significant to a lot of us, because there obviously is something in the original release that needs fixing. Yes i am one of the more fortunate that did not have noticeable problems outside of not being able to save flights once airborn so i would like to know the best way to upgrade my NGX as there obviously seems to be some people experiencing problems of some kind, post HF3.Maybe PMDG has an opinion on this?

Rick Hobbs



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