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Last time I was this ecstatic I was on my first solo flight! Thank you PMDG!

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I have a very humble setup and only recently bought FSX since I wouldn´t think of passing up on the NGX. I bought the NGX pretty much on Release day and didn´t really think it was worth it to install it since I would probably run out of memory or something and then commit suicide. I´ve been patiently awaiting my new i7 with the works to arrive. I couldn´t fight the urge though and decided to install it along with other recommended add-ons that I hadn´t tried yet and were rotting away in my HD (Ezca and track IR). After a couple of hours of fidgeting with everything so that I wouldn´t be sitting at a stock tarmac stuck at 5 fps, I decided to file a flightplan at Vatsim for an AAL flght that was taking place at the same time (KMIA-KMCO). I don´t know how my computer pulled it off, but what happened to me was magical. I was happy enough mimetizing a real world flight with rw weather from ASE and as-real-as-it-gets takeoff calculations courstesy of topcat. But I cannot begin to describe the feeling of taxing that beast of an acft sim at sunset with beautiful lighting. Ligning up with the runway with Ezca and track IR was a thing of beauty. That would have been more than enough to make my day. However, the feeling I got after receiving TO clearence was something akin to transcendental. Radio chatter was incredible today on my headphone at Miami Center, just like RW flying, but the world stopped when I pushed TOGA and the engines spooled up to deliver 92% of 26K pounds of thrust. The sound was mind-blowing. I was there. For a couple of seconds I thought: "I made it. I don´t know how, but I took another turn somewhere in a half-forgotten past and I am an ATP in command of this acft." And then the realistic head movements began. And I whooped out loud. With my finger accidentaly on the tx button. The last time something like that happened was over 4 years ago on my first solo flight. I´d say that for me to feel the same emotions I did when I first had command of an airplane all to myself means that these gentlemen cooked up a miracle. Unfortunately, I ran out of memory a couple minutes later just as I was completing my after-to checklist. No biggie. I´ll have a new rig in a couple of months. I just can´t begin to imagine what it´ll be like with the 777. So... thank you gentlemen. Thank you so very, very much!

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