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Adam Reed

[Flight report] Gatwick - Dubai, Rugby world cup charter flight.

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Hello guys,Today my flight from London Gatwick to Dubai for the rugby world cup flights. Our callsign today is : SKY9001 [skylark 9001] Our route today was: DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 AMASI UM149 BOMBI UL984 RASPU UZ660 ROKEM UZ660 ROKEM UZ650 NARKA UL140 REBLA UL620 DINRO UL601 ODERO UP975 SIDAD R784 PEBAT B416 DESDIWith a cruising altitude of FL390. A passenger takes this wingview picture on boarding. 344xstd.pngTaxi checlist complete , Taxi runway 26L 8yb9t2.png Rotate! j0ecub.png209t75y.png In the cruise 2wfpez9.png Beginning of Decent 2qa2txi.pngr7m79g.png Turning to intercept ILS30R 28h1pap.png Touchdown! smsvax.png Welcome to Dubai! 2jfzt5j.png Am currently enroute to Singapore as we speak as SKY9002 www.skylinesvirtual.com

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