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Some go-arround questions

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Hi guys,I´m flying the 747-400F (-400 should be pritty the same) again after a long time of disuse. Curently I practice approaches and landings in patterns between KBFI and KOLM. I´ve noticed that after I push the TO/GA button (the srcew) the plane accelereates to a speed just something above the minimun manouvering speed for flaps 10. But as soon as I push the LNAV and VNAV buttons (500ft AGL.) the speed is set to full GA speed and thus the plane is accelerating way too fast. This results in an massive flaps overspeed. After the AP enagagement this won´t change and the plane continues its climb to the pattern altitude of arround 8000ft with full thrust applied (A/T in SPEED mode) and will overshoot the altitude by 500-1000ft. This happens every time. Is that the normal way the 747-400F will react in an go-arround?

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