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3rd Party Repaints - Post SP1 Status?

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Hey all,I kind of lost track with regard to user repaints, mostly downloaded from the AVSIM library. I removed and deleted my previous NGX user repaint collection during a fresh install of the entire NGX 7800, SP1, and the 6700 packages. My thinking at that time, if official liveries need to be redownloaded post SP1, then I need updated user repaints as well.So, where do we stand with collecting "SP1" compiant user repaints from the AVSIM library? Was some sort of updated SP1 compliant paintkit released whereby these grand 3rd party artists can update their respective paints?Should I be on the lookout for SP1 complinat verbage in the user repaint readme documentation?Thanks for pointing me in the right collection direction... Doh.gifJust%20Kidding.gif

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