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Luke Bateson

Floor Mounted Joysticks?

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Thanks, but unfortunatley - not quite what i'm looking for - it's just a single hand column, not a yokeThanks though :)
This may not be an option for some, but me and a friend of mine at the airport managed to make one out of a cheap Logitech joystick. At first the column went directly into the stick, which worked great. After a while, we decided we wanted more tension on the stick, so we turned the base 180 degrees and no use two columns. One short, one long, with a sort of flex between them. It's very difficult to explain, so I'll post pics tomorrow when I'm at the flight school.*Light soldering and some light metal work required.*EDIT: Actually, I found a similar design on the net! Keep in mind this one is tacky compared to ours, but we used the same sort of mechanism. http://www.hippouk.k...ck_Building.pdf

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