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How do you land?

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Hi all, I have Flight Unlimited 3 which contains the P-51 Mustang. I also have FSX, but that does not have it and I am looking for an add-on. I love that plane! But there is only one problem, I can't land the thing! I try and try but each time I stall and crash at the other end of the runway. I know the landing speed is higher than takeoff speed (L: 115kts T/O: 110kts, that's what FU3 says anyway) and the resting landing gear is at the rear end of the plane. So I come in quickly, touch down, reduce throttle to idle, pull the nose up gently to let the rear gear touch down too, lift off again and with little power, if I don't shove the throttle up to full again I'll stall and most likely (with little altitude) crash!!! It is annoying since it's a lovely plane. Any suggestions? TiggCJ

Why are graphics so important? They've made me crash... or is it just my computer? ^_^

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Spitfire and Hurricane pilots used to pride them with (what is called) a three point landing. That is touch-down with all three wheels at the same time. This can be achieved with some practise and just a small amount of throttle until all the wheels are down.One of the reasons why they had grass runways was because of the braking problem. So, it is this method you should be perfecting, if you love this aircraft as you claim. Good luck. :)

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Hi there, Thank you for you're help. What are the flap suggestions for a three point touch down? Is it 50% or less? BTW, if anyone knows, I've heard the term before 'flaperons' (like ailerons). is that just a longer word for flaps? Thanks, TiggCJ

Why are graphics so important? They've made me crash... or is it just my computer? ^_^

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On final approach flaps should be full down.

From manual:

Landing Procedure

Perform the following steps when preparing to land:

  • Slow down to 170 mph before lowering the landing gear.
  • When lowering the landing gear, make sure the control handle is DOWN and locked. Check the landing gear indicator lights. Be sure the hydraulic pressure returns to 100 PSI. Be prepared for the aircraft to feel nose-heavy when the gear is down. Adjust the pitch trim to compensate.
  • Maintain approximately 150 IAS in the traffic pattern.
  • Lower the flaps when turning on final approach and the airspeed is below 165 IAS.
  • Once lined up on final and with the flaps lowered, maintain approximately 112-120 IAS.
  • When sure of a correct landing approach, close the throttle.
  • Just before getting to the runway, break the glide with a controlled flare and approach so as to land within the first third of the runway, in a 3-point attitude.

Hold the aircraft in the 3-point attitude just above the runway until flying speed is lost and the plane sets down at approximately 90 mph.

The tail wheel is locked when the stick is neutral or aft, so steering is limited after touchdown. Keep the stick held back until enough speed is lost and you are ready to turn off the runway and taxi.

Never attempt to push the stick forward and unlock the tail wheel in a turn when taxiing. Release the tail wheel before starting the turn.

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One of the main mistakes I was doing was closing the throttle too late. As soon as you pass the threshold, just shut it closes, be ready to counter some movement (especially nose pitching due to loss of airspeed) and make a nice soft contact with the runway. As you are steadily on the ground pull the stick back, both to assure the tailwheel on the ground an to lock it in place and avoid any unwanted movement.

Mateusz Kapusta


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Thanks for your help! I have practiced and I'm almost there!





Why are graphics so important? They've made me crash... or is it just my computer? ^_^

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Just one more thing...  When I initially failed miserably ate taking off and landing the p51d, I was tempted to set my controller inputs towards exponential throw. For a long time now I just use linear inputs. Once you get your hand and feet accustomed to the sensibility of this bird you will probably find that this is the most realistic setting.

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I also have problems landing the P-51.

I will certainly apply what has been suggested above. Funnily enough, I don't have problems landing the Spitfire, but the other WWII fighters I land, not always, next to the runway or too short etc.

I am not sure whether I can use much rudder to get a proper line up, or that I should rely more on using the ailerons. I get the impression that the nearer you are to low speeds with full flaps, the more difficult it becomes to see the aiming point properly and to keep the aircraft lined up.

It must be something in the techniques I apply.





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Perhaps you are too slow? I have limited experience with any DCS aircraft, though I have them all. Hooked on the A10C to be honest. However, I'm an ex flying instructor, have flown various Cessna's and a Tiger Moth once.

Remember, Rudder is for balance, not to turn. You need to keep it straight with Rudder and a powerful single prop is always going to be a thing you fly with your feet at all times at slower speeds.

A good set of Rudders, no central detent and a proper stick are pretty essential to getting the best from a Warbird.

Until I get my Warthog extension up and working, I'm a bit stuck. I look forward to flying the P51, and Sptifire too.

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